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    Quote Originally Posted by Helen in Oz View Post
    Buddhists are mostly vegetarian so it must be Right.
    And the Buddha's physique speaks worlds about how healthy that is.
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    I love the fat buddha. Have a large one on a shelf in my livingroom and a smaller one in my bedroom.

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    I think there is a demonisation of dairy as well. I know people who avoid dairy when there is not good reason too. Most of these use soy milk instead which causes even more problems than dairy might. And eggs - don't get me started on eggs.

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    I think it's funny that when Westerners think of Buddha they prefer the image of the fat Pu-Tai.

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    More generally, all the animal products are demonized as of lately.

    Red meat is horrible for your colon and makes you get cancer. Butter and cream are full of evil saturated fats, but margarine and corn oil are heart healthy as they are free from cholesterol. Eggs are also full of fat and cholesterol. I don't even want to know how they would breed chickens that produce lower cholesterol eggs. Then anything obtained from animals is unethical period.

    This is of course due to our fear of saturated fat and cholesterol. We are so used to thinking that those two substances are killers that we will blindly follow any argument that supports the false lipid hypothesis. Case point: vegetarianism and veganism. That is exactly how they sell many of their ideas, by focusing and targeting people's fear of saturated fat and cholesterol, to get their point across. They probably know that the average Joe may not care as much about how a cow is killed, but that Joe may very well care about getting heart attacks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cerebelumsdayoff View Post
    People really beat their meat, and the meat does not deserve it.

    We should not beat our meat, but rather embrace it.
    When I beat my meat, I do so in a very embracing manner....
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