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    Cooked vs Raw Vegetables

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    Is it better to cook or eat vegetables raw?

    What are the pros and cons? (ie., vit/min, absorption, digestion)

    Should I drink the water I cook it in to regain nutrients?

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    Cooking breaks down the cell walls, which makes the food more bio-available. But some of the food like fragile proteins don't survive the cooking process.

    I would cook Spinach and Kale and carrots can go either way. And yes, drinking the water (or using it in stock in a stew) is a good way of retaining vitamins that would be otherwise lost.
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    Get some of each, and add fermented to the list. For the most part world cuisines have it figured out, i.e. salad/crudité some versus stew/sauté/steam/roast others. I'm undecided on the value of raw enzymes but a rotating variety feels best.

    What water? Boiling is for starches IMO.

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    Some nutrients are degraded by cooking (vitamin C) and some are made more available (lycopene in tomatoes). My take away is: it doesn't matter when you eat vegetables raw or cooked, but you should probably get a little of both. - Gaming, Food Reviews and Life in Singapore

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    Beta carotene in carrots is more available when they're cooked. Then again, raw carrots are delicious.

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    Raw asparagus is sensational.

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