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    Shortness of breath/hyperventilating - particularly after eating?

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    My breathing has been pretty unnatural and erratic over the past few weeks. At times I'd be gasping for breath, heavily and rapidly. This only started a month ago. My doctor dismissed it for anxiety and prescribed beta-blockers (which of course did not help). Especially after eating a meal, I notice my breathing becoming heavier and inconsistent. Most of the time I can breathe smoothly through my nose, especially in a fasting state (still doesn't feel optimal). It returns the next day or within a few hours. I've tried breathing in a bag method and holding deep breaths, which have helped tremendously but not significantly to notice my breathing return back to a slow, smooth rhythm.

    I have not had any dietary changes and I am taking no supplements. I exercise 3-4 times a week and at a healthy weight. I get chest pains and sometimes a full sensation in my stomach, but I don't have any abdominal pain and my bowel movements are regular and normal.

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    A few possibilities: Panic attack; inflamed stomach putting pressure on your diaphragm; allergic reaction to something you're eating; unbalanced electrolytes - when my electrolytes are unbalanced I sometimes have pseudo-panic attacks. Are you getting enough magnesium, potassium, sodium, and calcium?

    Your doctor shouldn't blow it off, so I'd investigate further if it persists. It really does sound like a panic attack or a pseudo one. Hot peppers and spicy food in general gives me anxiety immediately after eating them. My ears pop, my chest feels heavy, breathing feels shallow, and I get antsy and I feel foggy. It goes away after a bit, but I have to avoid spicy now. This started happening out of nowhere one day a few years back, by the way. Even the scent of a hot pepper gives me an instantaneous headache. One tiny little red pepper flake creeps into my dish and boom, symptoms ensue.
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    Could be panic attack or could be arrhythmia. You need to get your heart checked to rule it out. Don't want to panic you. I had the same thing myself a couple of years ago. Couldn't breathe while eating. Not fun but not fatal either initially. See your doc.
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    This reminds me of a home-remedy type test for food allergies. Basically, the test for a food allergy is to abstain from a food for 30 days, then eat it. If your heart rate increases, you're allergic (or sensitized or intolerant, whatever) to it.

    This is the basis for the homeopathic tests where the doctor (or guru or yogi, whatever) tell you to hold out your arm and resist downward force on it, then has you hold the food and you can't hold your arm up with it when he pushes on it.

    well, that's what it made me think of.


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    Beta Blockers have been known to cause asthmatic like symptoms in some people. The pulse food allergy test is also a good idea as well. Sounds like possible SIBO, you have increased gastric pressure for sure. Contact me though my website
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    Have you been doing abs or heavy core exercises? Had a similar problem when I over exerted my abs, eating made it worse. It lasted a couple weeks, until I figured it out.

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    I have a similar reaction when I have enzymes and / or probiotic supplements with my meals, especially enzymedica digest pro.
    Heart rate goes up as well.

    If I have too many carbs from the wrong sources at once I get all uppity as well.
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