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Thread: Pizza Crust! How do you make yours?

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    Thumbs up Pizza Crust! How do you make yours?

    Have you ever made CAULIFLOWER PIZZA CRUST?

    I have always been incredibly intrigued so I finally bit the bullet and made it! Check out the STEP BY STEP instructions on how to make this quite TASTY dish!

    If you make pizza (paleo style) how do you make it! Link up your recipes!

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    I did the cauliflower thing once or twice. In the end, I decided meatzza was better (nutritionally and taste-bud-iciously) and far less work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RichMahogany View Post
    I did the cauliflower thing once or twice. In the end, I decided meatzza was better (nutritionally and taste-bud-iciously) and far less work.

    Can't beat the real thing so why take so much time preparing something that not really close to it.
    I prefer meatza , but that's more of a meatloaf type of dish in my eyes . But still pretty awesome!

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    When I want pizza, I have pizza and dial Pizzacatto's number.

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    since I grew up on homemade pizza and authentic pizza places, my standards prevent me from falling prey to most garbage that others consider pizza. this makes things easier for me. so when I want it, I eat it from a legit place or make it myself. that being said, I've recently come across a recipe for a buckwheat sourdough that i might try out. for shits and giggle of course...

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    At home, I do Cheetza (my name for it). Cook up all your toppings (except cheese) and sauce in a pan. When done to your liking, add mozzarella, turn off the heat, and let the mozz melt. Let cool just a bit, then slide on to a plate.

    So my pizza crust is invisible.

    If you want to add a second step, when the toppings and sauce are done, put them on a plate. Put the mozz in the pan and let it melt. Put toppings back on the cheese. It looks more like a pizza this way.
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    I like this chicken crust pizza:
    Easy Gluten Free Pizza Crust | Your Lighter Side
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    I make meatza. Cauliflower did not fly with my folks. I don't like pizza or meatzza in any form, but my family like meatzza.
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    The pizza crust recipe in Primal Cravings is my favorite. It is based on tapioca flour, potato flour, egg, and gelatin. It's also enough of a pain in the butt to make that I don't end up making it every day, which is a good thing. In the old days, I used to keep a bucket of dough made with white wheat flour in the fridge at all times for whipping up pizzas on a whim (shudder).

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    I use about a cup of coconut pulp and a cup of tapioca starch or almond meal (depending on what's on hand) processed with 1 egg. I spread it on a tray and part cook it before putting my fav toppings on.

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