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Thread: Getting rid of coffee to help lose belly fat?

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    Getting rid of coffee to help lose belly fat?

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    I'm thinking of letting go of my coffee habit... but as any other habit I had to get rid of, just thinking about it makes me nervous. Do you have any tips to help me?

    Why would I want to ditch the coffee? I read over there that caffeine can make me fat! It is making my body release cortisol and that it has a direct effect on belly fat. Belly fat is exactely what I am trying to get rid of now and I think I am willing to cut the coffee if it can help.

    Since I dont drink fruit juice (too much sugar), what should I start my day with? Just water with my breakfast seems dull!
    Sometimes around 3 or 4 pm I feel like I need a boost to finish off my day at work and I have a third and or fourth coffee. I have a very demanding job and my brain has to be on all the times during work hours. Coffee seems to help, but maybe it's just my imagination?

    I am a 40 y o F and I drink 2 to 4 coffees daily and the first one has to be in my mug less than 10 minutes after I wake up or I get grumpy. It's been that way for 20 years now.
    I used to be a heavy smoker. Coffee in the morning was a habit to go along with my cigarettes. I am no longer a smoker. (and very proud of it!)
    I dont drink milk, but I take 10% cream with my coffee.

    I've been primal for a little over 2 months now. Calories intake is now somewhere between 1500 and 1800 a day although it was more 1800-200 for the first month. I'm just less hungry now. Everyday I walk + do one or more of the following: sprint, squat, push-ups, sit-ups, yoga, leg raise. Fat loss is ok overall (approx. 15 lbs down in 2 months + gained muscle), but belly fat is bothering me A LOT. I would love to see just a tiny little bit of abs and I'm afraid it wont happen...I've always had a jelly belly, no matter how thin or young I was.

    I'm 5'7, 167 lbs with a muffin top

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    Congrats on the 15 lb loss. But at 5'7", 167 lbs is still fat on a female. Even if you were slightly muscular, roughly 130 lbs would probably be perfect at that height. With that being said, I bet you've got at least 30 lbs to drop before you can even hope to have the flat belly you want.

    If you've already lost 15 lbs and fat loss hasn't stalled, it sounds to me like everything you are doing is perfect and you aren't making any mistakes at all. You really just need to be a little more realistic and a lot more patient. When all your fat comes off, your belly fat will come off along with it.

    Keep doing what you've been doing that's been working and don't change a thing. Have some patience and you will get to where you want to be.

    As for the coffee, so far it hasn't seemed to have stalled your progress because you already lost plenty of weight. I don't know of any studies showing it's affect good or bad on fat loss. However, it is an appetite suppressant, and that's a good thing for fat loss. Regardless, the calorie deficit is what is required for fat loss and such should be natural with or without coffee.

    Aside from that, caffeine causes anxiety. I recommend staying off it completely if you can. I gave it up completely and don't regret it a bit. I'm much more happy, relaxed, and stress free.

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    No food or drink should have that kind of controlling influence, even if it has benefits.

    Elevated all-day cortisol usually means circadian stress which causes a long list of metabolic problems. Get some daylight around noon and honor your bedtime. 4 coffees is a lot, how do you feel with just 1?

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    Getting rid of coffee to help lose belly fat?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ripped View Post
    5'7", 167 lbs is still fat on a female. Even if you were slightly muscular, roughly 130 lbs would probably be perfect at that height.
    You mean, in your opinion 5'7", 167 lbs is still fat? Or are you using widely publicized, antiquated height/weight charts?

    I am 5'6", 165 pounds and that is my body in my avatar. Am I fat?

    I'm not commenting on any of your advice because it's your prerogative to give it, but I don't believe these assessments of ideal body weight are accurate.

    We could get a better picture of the OP with a waist to hip ratio. Measure the smallest part of waist, and widest part of hips/butt and divide waist by hip to come up with a percentage. .7 is considered to be the aesthetic ideal- regardless of weight or size. You can also determine if you are pear or apple shaped this way- pear shape indicates a healthier distribution of fat around the hips, butt and thighs whereas an apple shape indicates the more dangerous belly fat (high cortisol too).
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    Salut QcGal! Je suppose que tu parles francais ? Ne t'inquiète pas, si tu restreins le café à tôt le matin, sans rien d'autre, je ne pense pas que cela va poser problème. Je crois que le réel problème avec la cortisol réside dans l'élévation CHRONIQUE durant la journée, en particulier le soir. En règle générale, la cortisol est maximale quand tu te lèves le matin. Boire une ou deux tasses de café à ce moment-là ne changera rien à la chose. Durant la journée, la cortisol diminue pour atteindre un minimum vers 22h-23h. Si tu bois des litres de café, en particulier APRÈS 12h-13h, tu vas fatalement influencer le niveau de cortisol dans le mauvais sens. D'autre part, je te recommande fortement de diminuer ton exposition à la lumière bleue le soir, au moins 30mn-1h avant d'aller te coucher. Cortisol et sérotonine fluctuent de manière opposée. Lumière bleue + café le soir = bonjour le stress chronique ...

    Donc en résumé: café tôt le matin, pas de problème. 2 tasses par jour, pas plus. Après tu peux boire disons du thé vert

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    Cut the coffee if it isn't going to increase your stress levels, otherwise maybe good to just cut back a little bit.
    2 months isn't a long time, so you need to give it more time, once you get into a good place of stability then you can think about tightning up on the weight loss.
    IMO modern expectations of womens appearance are unrealistic and unhealthy, I don't think the pursuit of Abs is the best goal to strive towards, rather other health & capability indicators and if Abs turn up great, but trying to force that direction could have negative consequences.
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    Caffeine makes a person fat? That's news to me, and I've been drinking massive quantities over my adult life.

    I think the caffeine consumption is the least of your worries when it comes to losing belly fat. Lift some weights, do some intermittent fasting. Look over what you're eating. Just keep in mind that there's no fast fix and for many, abdominal fat is the last to go. It's stubborn as f***.
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    Interesting idea - caffeine is a stressor and stress can lead to weigh gain. I wonder if this might help me also - I have a remaining bit of fat on my torso to lose and have struggled to shake it off. This might be why.

    The obvious suggestion here would be tea - made without milk - I find that a quickly submerged tea bag in hot water is actually a nicer drink than strong tea made with milk. I know tea is also a stimulant but far less so than coffee, especially if made in this way.

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    I stopped drinking both coffee and tea to avoid caffeine maybe 3 months ago. It did not cause any weight loss, but I sleep a bit better. Which was my goal. If you are sensitive to caffeine, going without is the best. I am also trying to cut out the square of 85% dark chocolate I got used to eating lately, but kindda lazy about it since it is such a small amount.
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    nah - drink some bulletproof coffee instead of breakfast and do a couple of fasting days each week (i.e dinner on monday - bulletproof coffee for bfast on tuesday then lunch at normal time - would give you 18hrs fasting). See if that works

    The only reason to cut back on caffeine is if you have been drinking too much of it and have sleep or anxiety problems etc.

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