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Thread: Why is yogurt always sweet?

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    Why is yogurt always sweet?

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    A couple times now I have mixed my lunch meat and seasonings with yogurt. It's actually really good. Some flavors I have done so far:

    Korma curry
    Sriracha and brown mustard

    It got me thinking. Why are yogurt flavors always sweet flavors? Why not make savory yogurt flavors? Indian curry yogurt, thai curry yogurt, how about Parmesan and rosemary yogurt or sundried tomato yogurt or ooh, pinenut and basil yogurt? What do you think? Are there other savory flavors that might work?

    I'm definitely going to experiment. I thought I would mention it here in case anyone was wishing for new ways to enjoy yogurt.
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    Not always ... tzatziki ...

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    Plain greek yoghurt is pretty chalky and tart.

    And if you make your own yoghurt the longer you leave it the less sweet it is ...
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    SB..I get what you are saying. Why dont they have savory flavored yogurts in the stores. Great idea and I think SB is the perfect test market for it (I am from La Jolla).

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    I like mixing salsa with yogurt and having it with chicken or tuna.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sbhikes View Post

    . . .Why not make savory yogurt flavors? Indian curry yogurt, . ..
    Raita is - yogurt Indian style. Tzatziki - middle eastern; Yogurt is frequently and traditionally used as a counterpoint to spicy and savory. Sure, why not try mixing it with what it's often served with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldSchhool View Post
    I like mixing salsa with yogurt and having it with chicken or tuna.
    This is delish! I usually go all out and use sour cream instead of yogurt in these sorts of savory applications though. Sour cream and mustard is also good.

    I'm sure if manufacturers saw a market for savory yogurts, they'd be on the shelves. Maybe most yogurt eaters are looking for a dessert substitute?
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    I love to use yogurt just to make some savory foods creamy. I've been buying local non-greek consistency lately.

    I think the why is pure marketing. Yogurt was first that stuff you found in health food stores. As those kids grew up, it moved to regular grocery stores. And how do we sell things to the biggest number of people? We load it with sugar! Put enough sugar in it, and it barely tastes like the tangy goodness of the original product. Put it in a six ounce container, and voila! Look, I'm eating healthy because it's yogurt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldSchhool View Post
    I like mixing salsa with yogurt and having it with chicken or tuna.

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