I havent been on here in ages, but I had to share this one. I was so close to buying a pair of Primal Professionals, Ive heard they are awesome. But found these in New Look, tried them on and they are a dream. Really formal shoe, but I promise when you wear them the sole is 99% level. You dont feel any heel. Light and comfortable.

Maybe they wont last as long... but for the price you cant really lose. ..

I cant believe I found them. and only 20 online (14/10/2013). Ive just bought two pairs of brown and two of black! cant believe they made these, I never find dress shoes without the heel anywhere. saved myself a couple hundred quid on PriPros.... for now.

Enjoy them while they exist. Did i say they do brown ones too?

Black Leather-Look Pointed Brogues

Anyone know how we go about finding the wholesaler of these, buying stock to keep the primal community in business for years too come?