so i decided to start this journal bec.i have been reading journals lately and i like the idea
here is a brief outline of myself:
1)im not so outgoing , u could say shy
2) when im with my friends however im very crazy and talktive
3) i love anything that raises my adrenalin
4) love cooking and baking(bt nt alot of that nw :d)
5) i LOVE the primal lifestyle

i have always been into sports , i played basketball,tennis,karate,speedball(although i dnt consider it asport ), swimming, and of course pole.vault
i was a national and international athlete in pole vaulting , gt thord world under 16 bt i stopped bec i foumd i dnt enjoy the sport and life is to short ,i nw play crossfit which i really enjoy and i won first in egypt crossfit tpurnement but i mobed to canada so pooking to compete here

weight has always been an issue , i guess due to my parents habits when i was a kid :/ bt at 14 ywars old i was at a good weight bt my coach kept telling me i have to lose like 8 kilo so that put in my head that im fatand i started obsessing so as a result i actually gained 10kilo for sometime i had bulimia trying toblose them back and i was HIIT traiming for 3 hours a day for 2 monthes :/ until i stumbled upon MDA and that was the best day ofy life

i went cold turkey right away andy bulumia stopped , i was eating the foods i loved, bt in the beginning i was afraid to add fats and i kept adding them gradually until i noticed that tuw weight was coming off i tried ketosis for a while bt it wasnt fun nw i eat more balanved meals which i love , and gradually thw fat is comiing off nw i can see my abs and my serratus anterior muscles when i flex
im currently at 24% body fat i hope to reach 16% i dnt care how long it takes as long as i get thwre

there is no food to post yet bec im fasting for religious reasons bt ill post my" breakfast" in tue evening

hope it wasnt too long this is as simplified as i can put it :d