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    Red face Stevia - What's the word?

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    My journey into Primal is approaching its 2 week mark and so far so good. I like that it's more of a lifestlye than a diet. I do feel better and amazingly enough, I wake up ready to tackle the corporate world. I am having an issue with beverages.... I was an avid Diet Pepsi drinker and have problems drinking plain water. Although I am trying, I have found some beverages made with Stevia or it's brand. What's the word? Any thoughts on the matter are welcomed! I have read Mark's take on Stevia -just want to know what others think.

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    Stevia ? Don't like the taste but otherwise, I am neutral about it.

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    I like it and use it mostly in liquid form. The liquid comes in many flavors and is perfect for flavoring water. It doesn't seem to have the bitterness that the powdered form can have if you overdo it, IMO.
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    I put a couple of drops in my morning coffee, and occasionally when I make a curry. Since studies about aspartame convinced me to quit it, stevia seemed like the logical substitute. That said, stevia is relatively new to a large market, so just because so far it seems safe, I know that it doesn't necessarily mean that ten years from now some studies won't find something negative about it.

    I've been thinking of switching to sugar for my coffee because 4-8 grams a day of additional carb isn't going to kill me. However, with the amount of stevia I have and the little bit I use, it could be a year before I run out.
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    Stevia not new, its been in use for hundreds of years, if not thousands(Puru), you can even grow the plant yourself .
    My hubby uses in his coffee. He says there was a aftertaste when he first started using it but after a week or so he no longer noticed it and now if he uses sugar, he gets a icky aftertaste from the sugar
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    Pretty sure it's a harmless herb. Really doesn't taste like an all-purpose sweetener though--erythritol or monkfruit are more versatile.

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    Personally I use Xylitol, but I have to be careful not to let the dog get into it. Stevia seems okay. Whatever floats your boat.

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    I had bad digestion when using Stevia-it seemed like it didn't agree with me. I want to try using it again, just in case it wasn't another food upsetting my stomach though.

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    From what I have gathered, if you must use a non-sugar sweetener, then stevia is the best of the bunch.

    However, I find that dark chocolate and fruit are sweet enough for me, and if I want to cook something sweet I'll just use (gasp!) actual sugar.
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    I think stevia has a weird aftertaste like any of the artificial sweetners, actually worse than aspartame. I don't use it at home. I've just tried it in drinks and other stuff bought at places like Whole Foods. At home, I prefer honey, maple syrup or even just plain white sugar. But I've mostly gotten over my crazy sweet tooth, so the most I ever have in a day is a tablespoon, so maybe 50 cals, 12 or 13g carbs. It's a drop in the bucket, really.
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