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    Anyone else likes cold weather/showers/baths etc?

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    Hey people!

    I've been taking cold showers for a while now. For some time I started it cold and just jumped in, but because it's getting colder here I start it lukewarm, so I can shave and wash my hair etc. without screaming and fighting the urge to jump out. Always have my window wide open and in the office two windows open + heating in my room off. And I'm in a short-sleeved T-shirt. (Coworkers think I'm insane, haha!)

    I'm planning on going outside for a minute or two without shoes/socks when snow begins to fall, too. Just to see what it feels like.

    Anyone else has this?

    By the way: I love warm showers (or at least prefer them over cold), and love wearing sweaters and long-sleeved T-shirts. (But more so because they feel soft and comfortable. )

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    I'm Finnish. It's in my blood to like my bathing experience to be hot.
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    I live in a tropical environment, so I take cold showers several times a day to cool down...

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    It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.
    I like cold at the end of a shower. Just a couple of minutes. I think it's good for my skin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Introvert_Huntress View Post
    HAlways have my window wide open and in the office two windows open + heating in my room off. And I'm in a short-sleeved T-shirt. (Coworkers think I'm insane, haha!)
    Your coworkers are right!!!!!! Insanity!
    I'm about boiling when I'm in the shower and I spend hours finding thick sweaters today... I hate cold, I hate being cold, and I really really hate cold showers... Even with 30C you won't find me in a cold shower... A shower should be hot no matter what health benefits it will give me...
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    I actually agree on the shower part being hot....and that is a breakthrough for me, because I am the ultimate polar bear.

    -- Every Thursday is hot to cold day at my gym: a few min in the sauna then straight outside into a 50 degree pool, then repeat. I will swim around in there for as long as I can take it. It is cool to feel my mammalian diving response kick in
    -- Usually don't start my first woodstove fires until early has been below freezing a few times already, and I still prefer to wake up to a low 40's house than make a fire.
    -- A coat is for when I will be outside for more than 20 minutes, or if it is below freezing. I am not putting on anything past a long-sleeve for ten min of chopping wood or playing with the dog.
    -- For a real treat (sarcasm), do a 40 hour fast WHILE in a cold house or outside. Your body will start to conserve calories by lowering your body temp, so its crazy to see how you lose your cold tolerance....yes, I measure stuff like that.

    Overall, I think cold is normal and part of what we are meant to handle. I will never understand those that move to FL to say "yay, away from the snow!" which I say, after spending 4 years in Miami, "Yes, and no seasons, autumn leaves, spring pollen flushes, skiing, or holiday spirit either."
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    Yes, I love cold everything. Makes coffee and cigarettes infinitely more satisfying.
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    We have springs here that are 72 degrees year round. (22.2 C) In the summer, they are great to cool off in. On a cool winter morning, the springs are warmer than the air, and it is awesome to swim in them then. This time of year the temps are mid 80's and the humidity has dropped. I feel like I am coming to life. Most years,from October to April, the windows and doors are open all day and night and I won't put the heat on once. Tomorrow I will be kayaking Juniper Springs.

    I do not miss the cold, the heavy clothing, the snow shoveling, the icy sidewalks and dead car batteries. I hate Florida for many reasons, but the weather will keep me here.
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    Oh. Hell. No.

    I am almost always cold, except in really warm weather (25C+, and even then it's not uncommon for me to get a chill and break out in goosebumps). Right now is a great's a few degrees above freezing out, temp is at 20C in the house. I was on my feet moving around all day and was okay, but now I'm bundled up in sweats, have two shirts and a big fleece hoodie on, knit slippers, and I could totally pile a couple of blankets on before I'm comfy.

    Living where I do, I have no choice but to deal with the cold for 5-6 months of the year, but it's seriously freaking uncomfortable. I refuse to do anything to make dealing with it worse, which standing in a cold shower would most certainly do.

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    ^Try opening a window and turning the heating off. Seriously, the first 10 minutes you'll curse yourself (and me ), but then you'll get used to it.

    I still have goosebumps, though, and I still feel the cold, it just doesn't bother me. Sometimes I'm worried though, because my hands seem to move a little slow... I guess I'd barely notice if I got frostbite. :/ (And in the middle of the Winter my co-workers freak out because I've frozen to death in my office. )


    Wow, that sounds so cool! And thanks for converting to Celcius, too. Whenever I see degrees on this forum, I always think: "OMG, that hot in the oven?! Oh, wait..."
    I wish there were springs like that here, but we've only got muddy lakes and rivers. Maybe I'll swim in them sometimes (bacterias and dirt be damned, I'll just wash off later), but not yet.
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