I remember after I had gotten to my goal weight by purging but I wasnt purging everything only when I binged on carbs :/ ik ik bad old days
I decided im ganna eat a whole spectrum of food groups and be healthy once and for all so I packed my school food and it was
2 chicken breasts with lettuce and musterd on "whole wheat" hamburger buns
2 boxes of "whole wheat" crisps of fiber or something like that
A non-fat yogurt
It sounds like a lot of food bt basically I ws eating 800 cal and when I got home I ate dinner and that ws it so I was eating 1200 a day
To me this was supposed to make me lose weight still since my maintenance is at 1800 supposedly
I ended gaining everything back and I kept crying so bad It was horrible bec it took me 2 monthz of purging and 3 hours of hiit traing a day and I blew it in one week !!!!!! I was going nuts and that was when I found PB the first time since then im an enemy of grains

Ik this was annoying to read bt really I feel sorry for the people right nw who r going through wat I went through before and have agonizing lices bec their failing although they r told they r on the right path like seriously PB should go viral or something to stop peoples sufferings

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