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Thread: What is Crossfit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tfarny View Post
    I imagine the social thing would be great, I'd love to have that. If I join CF that will be a major reason.
    But the kinds of strength gains you crossfit people talk about are really kind of not-that-great, I have to say. Deadlifting 100 lb after 3.5 months of intense, coached training? Surely you started at least @ 50lb?
    Somebody else on a different thread had not-quite got a pullup yet after like 4 months or something.
    Anyone who goes with a linear strength progression is going to gain strength a lot, a lot, faster than that. I'd be really interested to hear cfers clean and jerk numbers, 100meter times, 400 meter times, # of clapping pushups, and other stats.
    I've been doing crossfit football for about three months, and my squat's gone from 225x5x3-->275x5x3
    power clean, i hit a PR at 200 not long ago
    my mile is still good, like 7 minutes
    my dumbbell bench sets have gone from 65x5x3----->95x5x3

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    Awesome, that's really encouraging, thanks for sharing! Great #s.

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