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    What's wrong with Tomato and Eggplant?

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    I have seen some posts about tomatoes and eggplants - nightsahde vegetables - being bad for you. Why? I eat tomatoes every day now that they are in season.....I thout is was a good source of potassium.

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    If I am not mistaken, they cause inflammation. I know many Primal/Paleo dieters view nightshades as a big "no-no", but I generally eat 1 red ripe small tomato each day in my big salad, and have not notice any problems. I believe they are fine to eat in small amounts. The key here is moderation, but that is just my take on nightshades,.

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    Nightshades contribute to joint problems for many people. They can be a 'gateway' to arthritis. I am careful with them but I do eat them. If I overindulge I sense a tightness in my fingers and wrists that could last more than a few hours. Another nightshade is tobacco. It isn't the best family of plants. Maybe it is the tastiest though.

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    lectins=inflammation> rheumatoid arthritis, ibs n lots more
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    So if my peppers and potato intake has been a bit high lately (nightshade creep LOL) that could be contributing to my increased arthritis pain?

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    Here's something I just read yesterday regarding nightshades and forwarded to my mom, some people are more sensitive than others.
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    My Hubby is a runner and I am the family chef. I am careful about giving him night shades before his longer runs as I *suspect* they contribute to joint pain.
    It may be coincidence but since I have started being more diligent about it he seems to have less knee aches.

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    The inflammatory effects of nightshades has indeed been recently elucidated and discussed here. They are, however, very delicious vegetables as well. I used to eat up to 3 eggplants, 1-2 peppers and 3 tomatoes a day but have been dramatically cutting back now that I know about their possible effects. I never really had joint pain though, but it is better to enjoy them in moderation and be safe than sorry. I do miss my eggplant binges
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    Meh. This feels like another food scare. Italy consumes more tomatoes than any country in Europe and has very low arthritis rates. Some of the longest lived people on earth live around San Marino and eat tomatoes every day. Hispanics in the US have very low arthritis rates compared to whites, yet they consume far higher quantities of tomatoes and peppers.

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    Personally, I am hopelessly addicted to habanero and bhut jolokia peppers. I wouldn't be able to give them up under any circumstances. My dried and powdered peppers and the sauce that I make (which is fairly primal anyway) go on anything that I eat that has eggs or meat. I carry it everywhere I go and have no illusions about being able to stop.

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