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Thread: How do u feel when u see a woman lift heavy?

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    How do u feel when u see a woman lift heavy?

    When ur in the gym guys how do u feel when a woman lifts heavier u , because currently at school I lift heavier than any guy in any lift and ssometimes I see them just stare or mabye im being paranoid but it is very uncomfortable bec what I think they think is why is a chick lifting heavy does she want to look pumped or something thats for guys again mabye im being paranoid bt can u guys tell me wat u would think

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    I can't say that I ever see such a thing where I work out, but I was watching tv and there where women doing some impressive weights in the crossfit games. On that level I move into assessing and appreciating them as an athlete. That does involve staring .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neckhammer View Post
    I can't say that I ever see such a thing where I work out...
    Yeah, I live in Seoul right now and I've never seen such a thing.

    Women here want to be 99lb w near zero muscle. Nobody would even think of coming over the olympic barbell, that's my turf.

    Never really saw it in the states either, just on those magazines where the chick is turning into the hulk.

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    I always think, "You GO, girl!" because as a woman I love when I see another woman who knows that lifting heavy is good. It really bugs me to see women lifting the 2 lb pink weights, or to tell me they "want to tone, not bulk up."
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    Women lifting heavy is awesome.
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    The weight a woman or a man is lifting means very little to me, it is the intensity of effort they put into a set that gets my attention. If I saw a woman in obvious pain,gritting her teeth as she pushed passed failure on a leg press with moderate weights using partial reps, static holds etc that would impress me more than some she hulk squatting 300 lbs for easy straight sets.

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    I have a few bodybuilding females at my gym and I am 90% I love with them, 10% jealous.

    Like omg. Some person is getting ready for a competition this weekend and she is soooo hot.

    (Okay sorry for getting off topic...)

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    When I see a woman performing proper barbell lifts, whether or not the weight is more than I can lift, I get the vapors. My pulse rises, my knees shake, and my palms get clammy. It's like the first time I ever fell in love, all over again. Keep that shit up!!!

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    I usually feel admiration and jealousy. All the women who lift heavier than me are GORGEOUS. I'm just short, fat and old.
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    I am all for women lifting heavy. Where I work out there are some professional women bodybuilders, figure competitors, power lifters, and simply women training with Olympic lifts. I am not big on the women bodybuilders because of the hormone use (you can tell listening to their voices), but the others look great. I am more impressed with consistency, the ones I see there week in and week out are the ones that turn my head. The women in their 40's that have been coming for years are the ones that impress me. Maybe its because I am older now, I find myself thinking "shit, I did that at 28 too. Hell, anyone can lift hard and heavy in their 20 and 30's! Talk to me at 45.."

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