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    Falling off the wagon

    Primal Fuel
    Well, I have been doing the PB for a three weeks now. Today, I do not know what happened but I totally fell off the wagon.

    Has anyone experienced the cravings. Prior to today, I have felt satisfied all day long. Today, I don't know what happened but I had sugar cravings/carb cravings. I ate a half bag of sun chips and quite a bit of ice cream. What can you do to help curb these cravings?

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    Try getting a bottle of glutamine caps and when you get a craving, take one with water. You can even open a cap and pour the powder under your tongue for faster action.

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    I've found that when I get those 'cravings', I'm typically bored or stressed. Shrug. Then I figure out what to do with that issue.
    Even if you fall flat on your face, at least you're moving forward!

    Yr 42

    Yr 41

    February Whole 30-ish

    start. stop. ramping up to cruising speed!

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    They happen, but they'll happen less often the longer you're Primal. I still occasionally get a twinge for something naughty. Usually I just find a good substitute and carry on my way.

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    I find about 6 fat slices of bacon "cures" any food cravings.

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    forget it and move on

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    Quote Originally Posted by fxdwgmikeb View Post
    I find about 6 fat slices of bacon "cures" any food cravings.
    5 or 6 jumbo boiled eggs does the trick for me.

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    @ Danceswithducks, totally with you. The past 2 days, I've been backsliding a bit too. Mostly I think has to do with stress at work (new position, more responsibility, same lousy salary) and new puppy in the house (can we say feces machine?) Couple that with a stressed out wife, twin 3 year olds, and a bag of tortilla chips sitting atop the fridge (my wife isn't primal, and still refuses to give it a shot - most annoying) equals two days of ridiculousness. I've been "on the wagon"since March time-frame.

    Here's what I noted:
    1. I feel like absolute ASS. My gut feels like it's taking itself apart. There's been - shall we say - gastrointestinal issues.
    2. My gym work has been crap. I pulled a muscle in my lower back squatting a weight that should've been ok. I've got bubkis for energy (that's right, I'm rocking the word bubkis today)
    3. I've been WICKED tempermental lately. Grumpy, quick-fused, not cool to be around. Maybe it's the additional stress (probably), maybe it's the dietary folly I've subjected myself to over the past 36 hours (meh).

    Here's what I've resolved. Start again at dinner. Nothing like a good primal meal, and some good old-fashioned shut-eye to make this all right. The job is still going to suck, my boss is still going to be a moron, the puppy is still going to poop, and my kids will still be 3-year-olds tomorrow. I am quite sure I will be more prepared to deal with it all then.

    Not worth getting bent out of shape because of a setback. Let's look at what caused it, try to reduce the issue, and get back on the horse. Salmon and steamed veggies for me tonight!

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    funny timing, i'm feeling like a cheater lately, too. actually, the past few weeks have been a suck-fest for me. something in my head convinced me that potato chips are close to primal because they are: A. high in fat B. not a grain like wheat, rice, oat etc and C. delicious.
    so i'm great in the morning, huge fatty omelette with asparagus and maybe some bacon. lunch is salad with fatty stuff in it, dinner is skin on chicken thigh on the bbq with some olive oil carrots... the problem is that i think i shrink my meals down to anticipate dessert... like, my meals are small, and allow room in my tummy for chips and ice cream.. and i do mean both. i need to eat bigger meals i think.

    anyhow, i am totally down about it and feel super guilty every night i do this. but i agree with arikara, start over at the next meal and deal with it appropriately.

    ps i also have a spouse who will not delve into primal, so we've got tons of gluten packed snacks that i am proud to say i don't even entertain touching... (peanut butter panda crisp? come on, it sounds amazing....) but i do surround myself with primal goods like home made coconut milk ice cream or chocolate, which is something i have to learn i just shouldn't even have around any more.

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    Stay calm and carry on. Or get creative and make things. Primal pancakes with lashings of butter are my current cure-all.

    Re-organize your pantry so that non-primal foods are on a separate shelf (or ideally separate cupboard if you have space) and just remind yourself, THAT STUFF IS NOT FOOD - just a very convincing facsimile! (If packaged foods are a downfall, re-reading Michael Pollan can be theraputic).

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