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Thread: Primal/ Paleo 'Apps' for iPhone &/ or Android Phones

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    I have Jefit. It's an exercise app for tracking workouts. It's one of the more popular exercise apps.

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    Is It Primal? An App!

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    I have a free and very Primal Apple app for when you're wondering "Is this food Primal??"

    It's very simple but it doesn't just say "Yes" or "No", it also gives you an idea of why something is considered Primal or not

    Since it's free I've put adverts in it to try to recoup some of the costs (not likely to be honest! It costs a lot to build an app!).

    I've also put something in it called "Kiip" which may reward you with something nice, like an Amazon voucher or something else "real", if you get enough "It's Primal!" kinda answers

    Judging from the reviews, people are really liking it, which was my hope. I've been eating this way for years (before I knew what it was called!) and so have my family. Mark has managed to point out some improvements and underline the reasoning of why we've already found that eating this way works so well!
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