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Thread: Do you think its still safe to eat fresh fish??? page

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    Do you think its still safe to eat fresh fish???

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    Ever since the whole Japan nuclear meltdown, I've been wondering how safe freshly caught fish is? Should I stop eating fish for the next fifty years or should I risk getting irradiated fish for dinner? I don't know much about the effects of nuclear disaster on marine life, but I was wondering if more people hadn't thought of this and if so....what is the solution because seriously I love fresh fish

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    If you haven't already, I'd check out Chris Kresser's stance on the issue. Take a look at the comments as well; there are a lot of good points being tossed back and forth, with supporting references.

    Fukushima Radiation: Is It Still Safe To Eat Fish?

    Personally, I am limiting intake from the Pacific until more long-term research is done. I live close to the Atlantic, where the water may be a bit cleaner (for now).

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    I eat atlantic fish only... I live close to the sea and we have fresh fish delivered every day.
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    I read something that said that the risk was very minimal with pacific caught fish (excepting those caught close to Japanese shores) - the pacific is HUGE, so any radiation is very, very dilute. And if you are eating fish low on the food-chain (generally the smaller ones), avoiding ones known to be contaminated with other toxins/heavy metals (so avoid tuna, swordfish etc), you probably are not at any increased risk.
    And if you can get Atlantic caught fish, your risk of radiation contamination is zero to none....
    Also consider fresh-water fish like trout.... they don't go anywhere near the sea...
    I still eat fish....
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    There's e.coli and possibly prions in beef, there's salmonella in chicken, there's mercury in fish... I've quite given up. I just eat everything and try not to eat the same thing too much.

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    I guess one could be like the nuke scare freaks in the 50s, and take a geiger counter to the fish market. They aren't even that expensive...
    Like this one for example:
    RADEX RD1503+ Geiger Counter (New 2013 Model / Replaces Old RD1503 Model): Industrial & Scientific

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    Is there any historical data covering the effects of radiation on pacific fish after the US dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? That would definately help me assess risk if there is.

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    Absolutely not:

    Reasons why Seafood is not recommended
    - - - Seafood contaminated with radiation Pacific Ocean from Japan
    Greenpeace Fukushima radiation research reveals serious marine contamination | Greenpeace International
    - - - Seafish contaminated with Mercury
    FDA/EPA Advisory on Seafood Consumption Still Current
    - - - Seafish contaminated with Arsenic
    [Arsenic contamination in imported sea fish ... [Vet Med (Praha). 1976] - PubMed - NCBI
    - - - Kelp contaminated with Arsenic & Mercury. Contamination with heavy metals can be a serious problem with sea vegetation. Recently, 8 of 9 herbal kelp supplements from a health food store were found to have excessive levels of arsenic in them (74) . For this reason, and because only iodide is present, this is not a preferred source of this idine.
    What Side Effects Does Ingesting Too Much Kelp Produce? | LIVESTRONG.COM
    - - - Seaweed is no longer a healthy food
    Contamination -- Seaweed No Longer a Healthy Food

    I am testing any seafood with a geiger counter. Radiation from Japan has invaded the west coast and is killing sea life in the Pacific Ocean.


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    Multiple independent tests have confirmed that levels of nuclear radiation are being detected on California beaches that are more than 10 times the normal level. Many believe that this is the result of highly radioactive water from Fukushima that has crossed the Pacific Ocean and is now washing up on California beaches. Others are blaming the radiation spikes on “natural sources”, but they can never seem to identify what those natural sources actually are. If this radiation is from Fukushima, it is only going to get worse over time. Every single day, another 300 tons of highly radioactive water gets released into the Pacific Ocean at Fukushima. Some of these radioactive elements have half-lives of about 30 years, so the total amount of radioactive material in the Pacific is continually growing and it will be with us for a very long time. As this highly radioactive water hits the west coast of the United States, a lot of that nuclear material will end up being deposited on our beaches. As you will see below, there is evidence that this is already happening.

    Scientists all over the world have told us to expect a radioactive ocean plume from Fukushima to hit our shores at some point in 2014. For example, check out what researchers at the University of South Wales are saying…

    Read more at Fukushima Radiation More Than 10 Times The Normal Level Is Detected On California Beaches | InvestmentWatch


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    10x more than normal is not a big deal.

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