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Thread: If you could recommend one 10-min routine...

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    Quote Originally Posted by turquoisepassion View Post
    ...what would it be? No huge/fancy equipments.

    I have overloaded myself this semester as usual... As such, I am short on time a lot of the days of the week. I do strength when I can make it to the gym (on avg 2-4x/week) though.

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    Really easy 10 min routine?

    Sit on the floor, soon as you sit down, get back up again, repeat 10 times. Next do lunges, but reach out and touch the floor as far as you can with the opposite hand to your outstretched leg, repeat 20 times. then 10 burpees with pushups. That's a good little workout, well it knackers me out anyway, my glutes are killing me!

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    If you're looking for something less intense, 10 minutes of yoga can be good for flexibility. Tara Stiles has some pretty good YouTube videos.
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