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    Keratosis Pilaris

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    Keratosis Pilaris is a skin condition of having little bumps (or zits) on the upper arms and some other areas of the body. Does anyone know what causes it, and what can be done about it? I noticed that one website mentions that it is a build up of keratin in the skin which causes it, but what causes that? Has anyone had any success curing it with a primal diet? I have not, but I'm still hopeful. I just cut out dairy, so maybe that will help?

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    I was just researching this last week. I have it too. I've had it for years to a fairly light degree, but the last three or four months, it started getting much worse. Strangely, about the time that I started the primal diet and cutting things out. I wondered if perhaps it getting worse wasn't some type of skin detox because it seems to be getting a little better now.

    Some of what I read seemed to point towards a vitamin A deficiency. I haven't had time to do much more reading about it though. I too am hoping that it will get better with this lifestyle.

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    I found that a lactic acid based moisturizer (such as Amlactin) and sun exposure were the best things for it.

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    I had little spots at the back of the tops of my arms when I was younger and my dad told me to rub the area with a towel after I washed. It worked. I don't know if it was the same thing but worth a try.
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    I have it, and hate it. Curious to see what people say, subbing.

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    This diet sounds vaguely familiar...

    Might be worth a try, but juice your own carrots if you can. I suspect eating them might be just as good.

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    My severe KP was one of the main reasons I started the Paleo diet. I started cutting back dairy as much as possible and noticed minimal changes. I used to only have a small patch on either arm, the size of a quarter. Then the doc had me on accutane. First time I was on it, I noticed a little more KP appear. Second round of accutane, HOLY MOLY! My arms blew up overnight and I've never been able to recover since. It's horrifying. I used to try to only purchase longer sleeved shirts and apologize to friends when I wore something different. I'm always thinking "They're looking at my arms" and no matter what I try, nothing helps. KP is hereditary, but I think certain things trigger it to be worse. I've noticed it on my dad, but they're barely there. Mine on the other hand, need to be completely photoshopped when I take pics. Hoping that maybe the Paleo way helps. The carrot juice is intriguing.....but for a girl who despises carrots, this may be a tough one. Just starting Primal way as of this weekend, so I'll be sure to let you know if I have any changes! GOOD LUCK!

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    I got it really bad when I was pregnant with my first child. Had it when I was younger too. My arms still have some bumps but they're not noticeable other than by feel. I have heard it was due to a vitamin A deficiency and know of a few people that got rid of theirs by taking cod liver oil. I find that mine almost disappears in the summer, probably because of the extra vitamin D I'm getting (I know someone will chime in about its the warm air and extra moisture, but its not. Trust me. its as dry as Arizona in these parts.)
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    So THAT's what that is?? I had no idea, I just thought I would always have those stupid little bumps/pimples on my upper arms! They definitely get better when my arms are tan in the summer (extra D), but I've also been supplementing more lately. I'm taking about 6,000 IU per day, plus getting in about 30 minutes of midday walking on my lunch break. If the continued D supplementation takes care of those stupid bumps I'll be so happy! BTW I cut out dairy for about 4 months last year, and have been grain free for a full year now, and neither of those things made a difference for my arms.
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    cured my ketosis pilaris...
    I followed primal for a year and and it made mine worse and other health conditions worse
    I only post this on this forukm because it was the same problem I had
    Be open minded
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