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    Hey everyone! After doing everything from loofah-ing to moisturizing, I found the end-all cure for my keratosis - Dry Brushing! Get a good boar bristle brush and exfoliate as much as possible. Here's some more information on it: http://www.naturalhealthtechniques.c..._technique.htm

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    Try KP Duty ....cream sold at Ulta on the internet for Ketosis pilaris....I bought it for my son and it seems to it after a shower and follow with moitsutrizer. Let me know how it goes. Don't expect results until after one month of use.

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    dry brushing is super helpful .

    Any exfoliation is great as long as it's followed by appropriate moisturization (ie retinoids, AHA's (glycolic, lactic, malic, mandelic etc acids), BHA (saliyclic acid), acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin)).

    I love mixing full fat yogurt or just sour cream (lactic acid) with a few pulverized aspirin, smearing that over the area requiring exfoliation. let it sit as long as you can stand it, then rinse....use scrubby gloves with a cream cleanser or other cleanser.

    IME KP Duty is good but way way way over priced for a lactic acid lotion. Just get any AHA/BHA etc lotion, serum, toner etc and go to it!


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