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Thread: question about dairy/mucous/inflammation

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    question about dairy/mucous/inflammation

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    So I have narrowed it down to dairy being the cause of my ahem, throat clearing in the morning. Its minor, not a big deal BUT does that fact that I have mucous mean that dairy is doing a bad thing to my body like causing inflammation? Or is it just an annoyance. I LOVE cheese (no milk) but if it is causing say inflammation (I only use this as an example - not sure what it is doing to my insides to cause the mucous) then I will cut it out. I only eat grass fed mostly Kerrygold cheeses. A friend suggested trying goat cheese. Anyone have insight?? Thx

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    From what I remember, irritation of the oesophagus increases mucous secretion. Regardless of whether it is inflamming you or not, personally I feel dairy isn't valuable enough to require consumption so you should drop it with your mucus problem.

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    Yeah, try sheeep or goat dairy, see if you have the same issue. Read "The Devil in the Milk" by Keith Woodford, it could be related to the issue explained in this book!

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