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Thread: Mental block on play

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    Mental block on play

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    Does anyone have some good ideas for a husband wife and 2 year old to play together? I am having a mental block on this! We jump on the trampoline but I'm trying to come up with some new fun things we can do.

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    You're overthinking it. Follow the 2-year old. I walk to work every day in a suit and kick acorns into the drainage gutters. I just run after them and kick them. It's stupid as hell and I look like an idiot. Whatevs.

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    Lawn darts?

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    I always went with rolling around on the floor with them. Flip them head over heals off your legs, let them stand up on you...keep it simple. kids love to do anything that involves an interested and invested parent.

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    Ring around the Rosie

    Roll a ball




    Hide n seek


    Put the kid on a blanket and you both hold the corners and pop him up a bunch of times

    Similarly, put kid on blanket and drag him around the house for a while

    Get a bike and a baby seat or a trailer and ride

    Go for a walk

    Playground, obvs

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    All the above is great. If you really have a block then just do what the kid does . Let them lead the fun.

    The first step is just getting down on the ground. Get down on their level and start rolling around crawling all that good stuff. Its just as good for you as it is for them! Explore with them. There are games like tag, hide and seek, all that, but first just get down there! It'll just happen once your on the ground with em.

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    Let him/her ride on your back around the house or on your shoulders outside.
    Kid has fun you get some exercise and enjoyment of you kid being excited.

    My kids are 6 and 8 we spent hours on Saturday playing a game where you catch and throw a hoop with 2 sticks and me trying to teach them handstands. Nothing fancy but I had all the neighbor kids doing it too.
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    My boyfriend and I hike and backpack. The way this becomes play is we make up crazy adventures.

    We'll do some crazy loop or some crazy bushwhack just to see if it can be done.

    We'll go mushroom foraging in season and since we don't want anyone to find our special spot, it becomes a stealth mission where we try to interpret whether foot prints on the trail are fresh or old, or whether someone might be coming and should we hide, that sort of thing.

    We'll go out in questionable weather with our umbrellas. There's something fun about hiking with an umbrella.

    Hiking to hot springs is another kind of fun.

    My boyfriend's ideas of fun differ a little from mine. He also finds it fun to do these impossible trail maintenance missions, restoring old trails. He also thinks it's fun to go out when it's 100 degrees and practically get himself killed doing crazy bushwhacks in the heat.

    I think it's fun to let him go somewhere on his own and then try to guess where he went and try to stalk him. I have actually found him even when he's left the trail. Tracking is really fun.
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    All of the above and the pool. My baby could not get enough of the pool at about that age (and since). We have had a blast as a family. We also loved just walking together in a Zoo. Ball was never much of our thing (we are all clumsy). In the winter, sledding is a huge thing for my daughter and myself, but I would take hubby along too! When I dug in the garden, my baby was always digging along.
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    Indoor rock climbing
    Mountain biking
    Sledding (yes, still totally fun as an adult)
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