I discovered the primal way about 18 months ago. Having met success on a low carb diet in the past, being allergic to soy (eggs and tree nuts), I knew I could do this. And I do. Not 60%, not 80%, but 95% - 99% (I eat cheese on occasion, as well as have a nightly glass of red).

But I am not seeing the results. Worse, my doctor isn't seeing *any* results and today she suggested I join Weight Watchers. I didn't have any health issues prior to primal that I was aware of. About 6 months in, I had lost no weight, but was shrinking (doctor: "unless the scale moves, it's not real weight loss"). I agreed to have my cholesterol and blood sugar checked. Both were in the high end of normal and they have stayed there while my blood pressure keeps rising and my body keeps shrinking, but the scale doesn't really change.

My doctor is only numbers driven and really, seeing them does depress me. My husband and best friend continue their "healthy whole grains" diet and enjoy good health while I eat more protein, fats and vegetables than they do and watch my health numbers rise. I paid out-of-pocket and saw a primal doctor in my area, but all she wanted to do was put me on estrogen and sell me her supplements, so I didn't go back. And my insurance requires my PCP to authorize specialist visits so I had to go back today for a referral and a mental beating.

On the plus side - I have no pre-meal jitters, no blood sugar crashes. And I have been able to downsize my entire wardrobe by one to two sizes.

On the negative - my cholesterol is high, my blood pressure is high, my blood sugar is still at the high end of normal and in 18 months, I've lost maybe 20 pounds, which my doctor says is mostly water-weight and that a 10lb or so weight loss is nothing.

I'm 50, not a gym rat and have no desire to join a gym, especially not crossfit. I have an exercise bike and ride twice a day for 30 - 60 minutes, but apparetnly, even that isn't enough to make the numbers better. Not sure what else to do.