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Thread: Not sure where I'm wrong

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    I agree with the others above who said that you should switch doctors. Your doctor has some kind of tunnel vision and appears to be incapable of rational thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by magnolia1973 View Post
    I know I gave advice to measure and track. But your doctor is both an asshole and an idiot and a big reason women spend their lives on diets.

    But so help me if some asshole MD told me "it only counts if the number goes down" I'd go find a fairly heavy barbell and heave it at her god damn scale.

    OP, not sure you ever even said what your height and weight are? Maybe you are right where you should be...
    Breathe. Move forward.

    I just eat what I want...

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    Quote Originally Posted by magnolia1973 View Post
    ... so help me if some asshole MD told me "it only counts if the number goes down" I'd go find a fairly heavy barbell and heave it at her god damn scale.

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    I have to agree with finding a new doctor. Just look for a new primary care physician in your insurance network. Many of them wll allow a free "interview" where you can ask them questions about their overall approach. If they don't have time for it, cross them off the list immediately. It should help.

    Beyond this, it's a good idea for you to get educated about that bloodwork and how to read these things for yourself. The Weston A Price foundation has a lot of great information about cholesterol and such -- in fact, they encourage high cholesterol, and evidence is showing that it's healthy, particularly for older women, to have higher cholesterol. It's better for their hormonal balance. Not to say you want it to be dangerously high, but if there aren't any other symptoms, it might not be a darn thing to worry about.

    In terms of the rest of it, your height-weight (starting and current) can be helpful for us to see where you are headed and what you are looking for -- but so far, your losing inches and weight as well is a demonstration that things are working.

    And, from there, I would start counting calories -- just so that you can understand your ratios. You may not need to cut calories. You may need to add them. You might also need to cut them -- I don't know. But at the end of the day, knowing what you intake can be eye-opening.

    Next, as they have said, exercise is beneficial. I recommend Primal BluePrint Fitness. It's actually not that difficult of a system and something you can do with no equipment (using a local play ground can help). You might also have to get "rogue monster bands" to help with the pull ups. We got numbers 3 and 4. Basically, it gives you a little lift until you can do chins on your own.

    From there, doing sprints on your bike once a week, and then doing something that you enjoy (bike 30 minutes a day is great) is the right combination.

    Cut the alcohol. Women metabolize is differently than men, and it mucks us up.

    And finally: Get Enough Sleep!

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    Quote Originally Posted by magnolia1973 View Post

    I weighed myself this morning and am up 8 lbs since this spring. I felt defeated, as I have been eating a lot lately and pulled out my "fat dress" that fit just fine this spring, only to find that it was now way too big to even consider wearing. I realized that the tag on that dress was a size 14. The tag on the dress I ended up wearing today was an 8. Now I've been fairly dedicated to building muscle since spring.
    Magnolia your dedication has paid off big time! Well done you

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