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    Quote Originally Posted by Lauri View Post
    On the plus side - I have no pre-meal jitters, no blood sugar crashes. And I have been able to downsize my entire wardrobe by one to two sizes.
    These results are not to be sneered at, well done Lauri. I really think you should give yourself a pat on the back for results so far.

    Now it's probably time to change things up a bit, both diet and exercise wise because the body seems to find an equilibrium and stay there unless we shake it up a bit.

    With exercise it would be good to have more variety - a weights session, a sprint session and fewer cardio sessions per week with more moving around in general. Since you don't actually want to join a gym you could acquire a bar and some weights or just get started with some bodyweight exercises like pressups and squats. The sprinting you could do on the exercycle as someone already suggested, then either walking, hiking or a fun game of whatever sport may interest you (tennis? badminton? golf?).

    With the food, I suspect the alcohol is sabotaging your fat-burning. Also, if you do indeed have quite a bit of fat still to lose then there really is no need to add cream to everything, a little is enough to start the process. Maybe more veges instead.

    It's a shame you're allergic to eggs, I do not see much protein at lunch and in my experience that is important to include for the sake of feeling satisfied. Maybe a soup with meat broth would fill the bill here.

    Best wishes to you as you experiement and take your primal lifestyle to the next level.

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    For starters it's ridiculous to dismiss 20lbs as "nothing". It's more important to know what your body composition is than what you WEIGH.

    I had a DEXA scan the other day. Going in, I considered myself "slightly overweight" (because by BMI I am), but once I'd had my body fat % determined, I was told I was in the healthy range (upper end, but still healthy). Why? Because my lean body mass was high (actually off the graph he showed me).

    Now, I'm still attempting to lose more body fat, cause healthy or not I don't like it . BUT this is what your doctor hasn't taken into consideration at all!! If your body fat has decreased by 5% but you've gained muscle, that's definitely something!!!

    That all being said, it's possible you are still carrying too much weight (I guess your doctor wouldn't be concerned if you weren't) which means you're probably eating too many calories. Try plugging everything you eat for a day into an online calculator like MyFitnessPal, and realise that in order to lose weight you probably need to be eating less than 1600 calories a day (that's a guess, as I have no idea how tall you are or what you currently weight). It may be that you need to eat even less than that. I didn't start losing fat until I recognised that I was just eating TOO MUCH. Didn't matter if it was the "right" food or "wrong" food... my weight stalled until I started keeping track and recognising that what I saw as a "normal" amount of food was just too much for a petite female.

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    OP, you lost 20 pounds, went down 2 dress sizes and feel and function much better since you made the switch to PB? The problem is a clinically blind, idiot doctor, not your lifestyle it would seem.

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    In some people, coffee raises cholesterol. (I'm one of them). It's something to do with how the oils from the coffee bean react with your body. Espresso is worst, because it's not filtered. Filtered coffee is better (from this perspective, not necessarily taste) because it absorbs some of the coffee bean oil. Consider cutting coffee for a period of time and having your cholesterol re-tested.

    Two years ago my cholesterol was high enough that my doctor was looking at putting me on meds. Instead, I cut coffee, added in exercise (I did P90X) and I was spiking my tea with cayenne and cinnamon. I dropped 20 lbs, my total cholesterol dropped 81 points (placing me firmly in the good cholesterol category) while lowering my LDL and raising my HDL. Since I did all those things at the same time, I can't point to which had the greater influence.
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    Quote Originally Posted by magnolia1973 View Post
    Maybe try measuring the foods. Like are you using 100 calories worth of ghee or 200? Is your coffee coffee with a bit or cream or cream with a bit of coffee? Fat adds up quick as do fatty meats. At least get a baseline. I know people claim fats are hard to overeat, but for some people they add up.
    This is what I suggest, too. My body recomp has been significant, but the scale said otherwise. (Haven't gone back for bloodwork yet, but given how much better I feel, I assume the best). I finally started tracking my calorie intake, and it turned out I'd been underestimating by a significant margin--and HWC was the biggest culprit.

    I've occasionally seen people claim that if you're eating lots of fat you needn't count calories, but in my own case (46, F) I have not found this to be true. I can easily overeat both protein and fat, despite also doing IF, but if I keep an eye on my caloric intake everything's cool.

    And here's another thought: you might do better with more carbs and less fat. I do great on lots of red meat and fat, can handle some dairy--and cannot do carbs unless I'm really exercising hard. But my two female friends who eat primal/paleo both do better with more carbs, less fat, more fish and eggs, less red meat. One does no dairy, the other limits it. We are all three happy and doing well, but we've each had to find our own "sweet spot" by tweaking macros, adding or avoiding certain foods, and most of all trusting our own judgment and experiences.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lauri View Post
    On the plus side - I have no pre-meal jitters, no blood sugar crashes. And I have been able to downsize my entire wardrobe by one to two sizes.

    On the negative - my cholesterol is high, my blood pressure is high, my blood sugar is still at the high end of normal and in 18 months, I've lost maybe 20 pounds, which my doctor says is mostly water-weight and that a 10lb or so weight loss is nothing.
    OK... I just want to give you my two cents on these points.

    1 - When it comes to predicting heart disease, cholesterol is meaningless for a woman. Completely meaningless. Please tell me you're not on statins. Also, are they tracking your cholesterol patterns? If they're not this is garbage, forget about it.

    2 - Blood pressure... it might just be normal. My mom actually has LOW blood pressure, it's genetic on her side of the family and no one has ever told her it's bad.

    3 - I would just give the blood sugar time. And 20 lbs is not water weight. 10 lbs COULD be water weight, but not twenty. And you've downsized your wardrobe by 2 sizes? That's a massive achievement!

    I would stop stressing about it and just enjoy primal living. The only supplements I would consider are vitamin D and magnesium. I'm taking that now and it's really helping me sleep. XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lauri View Post
    I discovered the primal way about 18 months ago. Having met success on a low carb diet in the past, being allergic to soy (eggs and tree nuts), I knew I could do this. And I do. Not 60%, not 80%, but 95% - 99% (I eat cheese on occasion, as well as have a nightly glass of red).

    But I am not seeing the results. Worse, my doctor isn't seeing *any* results and today she suggested I join Weight Watchers. I didn't have any health issues prior to primal that I was aware of. About 6 months in, I had lost no weight, but was shrinking (doctor: "unless the scale moves, it's not real weight loss"). I agreed to have my cholesterol and blood sugar checked. Both were in the high end of normal and they have stayed there while my blood pressure keeps rising and my body keeps shrinking, but the scale doesn't really change.

    My doctor is only numbers driven and really, seeing them does depress me. My husband and best friend continue their "healthy whole grains" diet and enjoy good health while I eat more protein, fats and vegetables than they do and watch my health numbers rise. I paid out-of-pocket and saw a primal doctor in my area, but all she wanted to do was put me on estrogen and sell me her supplements, so I didn't go back. And my insurance requires my PCP to authorize specialist visits so I had to go back today for a referral and a mental beating.

    On the plus side - I have no pre-meal jitters, no blood sugar crashes. And I have been able to downsize my entire wardrobe by one to two sizes.

    On the negative - my cholesterol is high, my blood pressure is high, my blood sugar is still at the high end of normal and in 18 months, I've lost maybe 20 pounds, which my doctor says is mostly water-weight and that a 10lb or so weight loss is nothing.

    I'm 50, not a gym rat and have no desire to join a gym, especially not crossfit. I have an exercise bike and ride twice a day for 30 - 60 minutes, but apparently, even that isn't enough to make the numbers better. Not sure what else to do.
    Its possible you've put on muscle, while losing fat thus your weight hasn't shifted. Really you should look at calipers so you can more track your fat loss, you should be more concerned about that than your body weight. Weight loss is mostly calories, so create a calorie deficit. Additionally just because its primal, doesn't make it healthy.

    Exercise is one of the best things you can do for your health and 30-60 minutes on a bike, is no quantification of its worth. Try some more intense exercise or walk outside more regularly.

    Total cholesterol levels are meaningless, you should be more concerned about the ratio of HDL to LDL.
    Its also possible that you have fucked your body from old dietary habits and now all you can do is manage the symptoms best you can, where as your friends body is still intact. Its also possible you have genetic susceptibility to these diseases.

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    Rather than 30-60 minute sessions on the bike instead get a tabata timer and set it to have you sprint on the bike for about 22 seconds and rest for 1.5 - 2 minutes in between for 8 reps. The total time for this will be a little over 15 minutes. Work up to doing this 2x a week. You'll sprint all out for 22 seconds, then pedal slowly for the rest period. The days you aren't doing the sprints, walk or ride the bike moderately. Have bananas or potatoes or something on the day you do the sprints. Also consider switching to a lower fat, higher protein version of your diet, at least on the days you do the sprints. On the days you aren't sprinting, consider one of them being a day of fasting.
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    It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.
    This is for your (maybe idiot) doctor for thinking that dropping a size or two while not losing weight is "nothing." I screen captured the website for you as well.

    "Right is right, even if no one is doing it; wrong is wrong, even if everyone is doing it." - St. Augustine


    Who says back fat is a bad thing? Maybe on a hairy guy at the beach, but not on a crab.

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    About 6 months in, I had lost no weight, but was shrinking (doctor: "unless the scale moves, it's not real weight loss").
    I know I gave advice to measure and track. But your doctor is both an asshole and an idiot and a big reason women spend their lives on diets.

    I weighed myself this morning and am up 8 lbs since this spring. I felt defeated, as I have been eating a lot lately and pulled out my "fat dress" that fit just fine this spring, only to find that it was now way too big to even consider wearing. I realized that the tag on that dress was a size 14. The tag on the dress I ended up wearing today was an 8. Now I've been fairly dedicated to building muscle since spring. But so help me if some asshole MD told me "it only counts if the number goes down" I'd go find a fairly heavy barbell and heave it at her god damn scale.
    Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!

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