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Thread: introducing gluten to babies?

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    my gut instinct is to totally avoid all gluten containing foods at all for your child....

    If you are intending to rear your child eating primal (and why not if you are primal? it is perfectly safe for children!), why do you want to introduce gluten containing foods at all? Once your child goes to kindergarten and school, just say that they are gluten-free - simple! schools are used to kids with dietary preferences, intolerances and allergies. And you can always send in a gluten-free packed lunch. If they get a bit of accidental exposure (sharing some other childs lunch or at a birthday party, it shouldn't cause too much of a problem, esp if they have not been sensitized to gluten as a baby/toddler).
    Also, in my experience (I have 4 kids), it is far easier to start as you mean to go on... transitioning older kids to eating primal/paleo is HARD!. if you never give the kids those foods, they never get the taste for them...
    Also, I would totally avoid the rice cereals that are touted as a baby's "first food".... they are nothing more than a nutritionally deficient paste that will fill them up and mean that the babies take in less of the more nutritionally dense breastmilk. try pureed veggies or fruits (even pureed liver!) if you must give purees at all, or go down the baby led weaning route (by far the easiest way of feeding a baby!). if you google Baby-led weaning you will find a plethora of links to help you, but basically you give your child small tastings of whatever you are serving the rest of the family for meals and let them feed themselves... just get it into a form that they can mess with it and get it into their mouths.
    It is amazing how quite a young baby can feed themselves....
    Also, don't worry about the magical 6 months you must start weaning... if your baby is not ready, wait. Usually they indicate that they ARE ready - they grab food off your plate, they follow every bite you take from your plate to your mouth. They are willing to play with food... and they need to be sitting unaided, with good head control, and to have lost the toungue thrust reflex that pushes food back out of the mouth.
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    The thought of giving gluten to a baby at 6 months - gluten having been transformed into what it is present day (GMO grains) seems completely ludicrous to me. Unless the premise is to make even more money off of chronically sick babies who are in pain and can't communicate it.
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