How does one introduce themselves on a board like this? Well I discovered Marks book back in March and implemented it in April 80/20 principle. I have lost about 15 pounds and am under 200 pounds for the first time since I was 17 which is very cool. I needed a little motivation because my 80/20 has turned into Monday thru Friday (ok Thursday!) great, the rest, just plain naughty. I haven't gained anything back but I have a feeling that has more to do with the working out and intermittent fasting than my eating habits. I need a little motivation but also support. Thanks for reading if you do. So today I am IFing till 2 then I eat till 7. I don't know if anyone lives in the great northwest, but we have had the wettest summer thus far. I need sun, blue sky, men in nothing but shorts offering to rub lotion on....Oh wait different thought process. Well I'll be working out tonight with my best gal pal (doing the P90x, lifting only though) and have my food all ready for consumption. I did not drink coffee today and am honestly trying to cut the habit, so if this sounds like a ramble it is! talk to ya later