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Thread: Cytosport whey protein & cholesterol?

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    Cytosport whey protein & cholesterol?

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    I do a whey protein shake + fruit on weekdays for breakfast. Been consuming CytoSport 100% whey:

    CytoSport :: 100% WHEY

    It is very reasonably priced at the local Costco, low carbs, high protein. The only worrisome aspect is the high cholesterol, 70mg per serving or 23% of the RDA. I consume a quart for breakfast, i.e. two servings, mixed with 50% H2O and almond milk. Great way to rehydrate (important in AZ), get some protein in me after my morning workout, it keeps me pretty well satiated until lunch, and gets me off to work with a minimum of time and effort.

    According to the PB I shouldn't worry about cholesterol, but its a bit disconcerting to get almost 50% of my RDA by 7AM.


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    Why are you worried about dietary cholesterol? Is it a leftover of CW being drilled into your head? Or do you have the condition where your intake of dietary cholesterol shoots your serum levels into the sky? How are your lipid numbers? Imho, it is something that the majority of us don't have to worry that much about, if we avoid inflammatory foods.

    As for the product in question, I'm not a big fan of the artificial sweeteners and even less of a fan of "natural and artificial flavors." On the same token, I really don't like almond milk either, or at least most of the commercially produced versions, as they are both highly processed and have other ingredients that are objectionable for me.

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