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Thread: Night Sweats

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    Night Sweats

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    So the last 5 nights or so I have woken up around 2-3am with the worst night sweats. I'm not talking just a little damp, more like I just got out of a pool and jumped into bed.

    I have tried sleeping with no covers, fan, A/C, etc but to no avail. Each time I am able to go back to sleep for the rest of the night but each night I am waking up totally soaked.

    I'm a little worried because by all accounts I am a very healthy, 20-something male with no known health issues. Anyone out there ever experience anything like this? Avoiding heading to the doctor at all costs and hoping that this is something I can take care of on my own.

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    Illness or stress can cause night sweats. Thyroid issues can cause night sweats.

    Has anything changed for you recently in terms of stress levels, diet, illness? Do you have any other symptoms?
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    The only time I have gotten night sweats is when I have eaten the wrong thing or eaten too much of the right thing. Oh and alcohol will give me night sweats which which is one reason I don't drink it anymore-don't even miss it.

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