Hi there! I am excited to go primal! Here's my situation:
Happily married, mom of three boys. I just had my third son 5 weeks ago. I have polycystic ovarian syndrome which has led to high triglycerides and low hdl. I have been one of those people "trying to do the right thing" for years now. I have switched to whole grains, low fat diet as recommended by conventional wisdom and seen only more weight gain. I am looking for change!
Right now I am 35, 5'3" and 166lbs with 39% body fat(according to scale).
I am nursing so can't lose weight too fast. I have starting easing my way back into exercising-still recovering from birth. I am thankful I can go for walks and hikes at least.
Today I am going to get my cholesterol tested to give a starting point. Thankfully my husband is very supportive and is joining me. He is looking to lose some bodyfat. He has had high cholesterol for years now and was put on a statin. Yet after recently learning about the harmful vldl,looked at his numbers and realized his trig/hdl ratio is just fine. We are at the excited stage, but I am thankful there is a community to connect to as we join this adventure. I am excited to lose fat, have more energy and just enjoy food and life. Thanks!