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Thread: Flu Remedies

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    Flu Remedies

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    If you have a flu remedy, I need it. I'm still in the early stages, and trying to beat it before it gets going.
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    Colostrum capsules - will give your immune system an extra boost.

    You can also megadose Vit D3 - I'm talkin' like 2,000mg/kg (only take this one time!)

    Get some garlic capsules too and megadose them (much better for everyone else instead of mass quantities of garlic cloves) - it's an anti-viral.


    That's all I got, hope it helps
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    Take NAC - N-Acetyl Cysteine. Not only will it thin your mucus secretions and help clear your lungs, but it's a known flu preventative and will help your body replenish glutathione, which it needs to fight off illness. I take NAC during flu season as a preventative.
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    D3 - 50.000 IU/day for two or three days.
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    A hefty bowl of strong chicken soup always seems to work... also eating a bit more spieced will help to get your airways open

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    Bacon! Seriously, it's number 4 on the list in this article:

    Top 10 Best Sources of Vitamin D
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    Bone broth, Tea with coconut oil and cinammon, eat Ginger. Garlic. Good meat Vitamin C / D3. Epsom salt / magnesium baths. WATER. avoid dairy, eat light. just a few things Ive learned that helped me when I was sick.

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