Okay, we have 8 people to feed in our family and compromises have to be made. So, how bad are they really???

1) White rice
2) Potatoes
3) Non GMO popping corn popped in coconut oil
4) peanuts in comparison to Almonds

So, of the above what would you say is best and why (from a nutritional standpoint)? These will not be once in a while, in order to stay within our budget for food these will be somewhat regular foods that we will consume. Also, primal or not, is there some other really cheap food that we can fill up on that I'm not thinking of?

And how important is Grass fed beef vs. regular beef? There is a local store where I can get grass fed beef for 4.19 a pound if I buy in bulk (everywhere else... regular beef is running around 2.99 a pound). If we went with the grass fed beef vs. regular we would end up eating less meat overall though, and filling up more on something like rice or potatoes. Would it be better to eat less meat, but of better quality, or more meat or lesser quality?

Also, no weight problems in our family, lots of small kiddos, I'm nursing a baby, and my husband is active. We follow a Primal way of eating strictly for the nutritional aspect of food (and what it does in our bodies). I don't care if a food is actually "primal" or not. I simply care about what a food does when in my body after I eat it!