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Thread: Just saw this about protein drinks

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    Just saw this about protein drinks

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    Admittedly, I don't know much about protein drinks. I just bought my very first container of whey powder to make the energy bars. But the heavy metal content in some of these has me worried, especially if the kids were going to eat them. Is there such a thing as an organic (or at least lead free) protein powder? I suppose I need to do some more research, but also appreciate some feedback. Thanks!

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    Yeah, news about protein toxicity is starting to spread. Just limit your consumption, thats all.

    Our food supply is really starting to get $%#@ed up

    everything has poison in it one way or another. Even some "organic" stuff isn't strictly organic.
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    yeah, a lot of organic stuff is from china - and you know how their quality control is. I think jay robb stuff is the most organic-like I've seen (rBGH free why), though people around here would probably have whey more experience than I about protein powders.

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    Just go for the purer whey versions and watch out. But those figures are based on three servings? and most still dont exceed daily recommendations, (unless im mistaken), who drinks three protein shakes a day?! thats unnecessary, I have one after a workout and eat good food end of. lol

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    I agree with jeffb01, Jay Robb is probably the "cleanest" protein drink out there.

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