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Thread: Concern Trolling at the Gym

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    Concern Trolling at the Gym

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    Do you concern troll at the gym? Would you ever stop someone doing an exercise/movement that was somehow injurious to them?

    Last night there was a gymbro doing kettlebell squats with his heels up and knees twisting inwards on the descent. It was excruciating to watch. I didn't say anything, despite worrying about him injuring himself, I'm sure he would have told me to F off.

    The only time anyone ever concern trolled me was a guy who told me I shouldnt be pushing my knees out over my toes during my squat *sigh*. I just smiled at him and said thanks.

    This happen to anyone else?
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    Very very very rarely do I say anything to anyone. If they want to wreck themselves, fine. I did help a 14 year old kid who was doing some terrifying squats a few months ago, but that was kind of an exception.

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    Usually I just mind my own business; I don’t want anybody to give me advice when training, so I just let people destroy themselves as they please! A few times I have stepped in and given first aid after some serious incident though, like when a power-lifter passed his "limits" in a heavy squat, wrecked his left hip and by that sadly ended his lifting carrier…

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    Only if it is something that will affect others. I saw some kids squatting too much weight once, to the point it looked like they were going to fall over backwards. That would suck for them, but I had to say something because there were a bunch of kettlebellers and calisthenics guys in the open space behind them.

    I almost always comment when I see good squat or deadlift form, though, especially if there are multiple people calling each other on less-than-parallel reps.

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    Very seldom but if I see something really ugly then I will. The best was when one of my clients told me some Joe in the gym was trying to tell him he wasn't using correct form when he was pressing. He just smiled at the guy and watched while he got up from his bench rubbing his shoulders and complaining about no matter how you it, chest press hurts your shoulders.

    Total face palm.

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    I work out in my loft with 1 or 2 of my co-workers, so we all cue each other and cheer for each other through the workouts. It has become almost weird when I work out alone and don't have anybody saying "2 more reps, knees out, chest up" during my squat sets.

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    I always help out.
    Almost all of them were nice and open to hear.

    Most of it linked squats.

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    I usually just do my sets and leave. I spotted for a guy benching once, and he was clearly having some trouble locking out the reps. I told him that dips and creatine might help. That's about the only time I've ever given advice to anyone at the gym. If people want to do half-squats in the Smith Machine, that's their business.
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    I have been a long time member at a well respected crossfit gym in the area. I will say something if I see someone about to get hurt. Not trying to call them out, but I would rather see someone correct their form and get it right than hurt themselves. I can't remember a time someone has been anything but thankful for the help.

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    I don't know how many times I've inwardly cringed at really, really bad forms or damaging movement in gyms. I've never said anything. That actually one of the reasons I stopped doing Crossfit-- even for a really good gym that tries to be conscientious about people maintaining proper and safe form, you'd see all these awful, bad movements. I'll never forget this one dude cranking out kettlebell swings using nothing but his arms-- no hip support whatsoever. Everyone saw, no one said anything.

    Nowadays I squeeze in a couple quick sessions at a basic chain gym near my office when I'm in a pinch for time. There it's mostly machines and TVs, and rarely is there another lady using the limited number of free weights. I see so many painful looking workouts. If it's not the painful kind, it's the mind-numbing, time-wasting workouts-- like an hour on the elliptical, 20 minutes on bicep curls with baby weights, etc. I try to focus on my own shit and occasionally rant to my husband later on.
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