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Thread: IBS (?) help

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    IBS (?) help

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    So my friend is having a lot of issues, and I'm not sure what it is--thinking IBS? She has diarrhea, hemorrhoids, and nausea whenever she eats. She's been trying to eat primal but is having issues because of finances, and I'm thinking that may be why she hasn't gone to a doctor yet either. Any ideas/suggestions?

    I'll mention she also is on anxiety medications and has a lot of problems with stress.

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    Honestly, IBS is kind of a catch-all term for digestive disturbances.

    I am sure all of her problems are linked, including the anxiety & stress.

    I'd look into the nausea more. If she eats *anything*? Fat-heavy meals? Protein-heavy meals? Any other digestive disturbances (gas, bloating)? It would be helpful for her to track when the diarrhea occurs in relation to her meals and to what she's eaten. Is she gluten-free at least? Also, she should track her bowel results using the Bristol stool chart.

    Digestive enzymes could help, but it depends on what is wrong. Can't be sure without more info and don't want to diagnose, I'm not a doctor. has some useful info about how to start the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, which is basically an elimination diet that starts with chicken soup w/ carrots. It's very nourishing and not very expensive. It might be helpful for her to at least set a dietary baseline for now.
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