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    I was wondering, how many of you go really barefooted through out the day?
    Are you wearing vibrams when you go out? or are you really barefooted?

    My shoes are left at the front door as soon as I come in and in my own garden I walk around without shoes or slippers but on the streets. I'm afraid of stepping in dirt, glass or worse needles...

    For those who go barefooted, how are you dealing with things you encounter on the road?

    and last anyone tips for fashionable vibram style footwear?

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    I am barefoot at my desk and at home (inside and out). Other than that, I wear Xero shoes, Luna Sandals, and various Vivobarefoot models. It isn't barefoot, but its close enough for me.

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    When I'm at home I'm barefoot most of the time. I get exasperated looks thrown my way whenever I complain that it's cold while I'm standing on the tile in my bare feet. I usually put on shoes if I go outside because of all the sharp little landscaping rocks and the crappy asphalt driveway. I really should work on getting my feet tougher. I mean, what if you had to flee your house in the middle of the night but had no time to put on shoes?
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    Your adrenalin would be pumping so hard that you wouldn't even feel your feet until much later.

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    I wear VFFs all day appart from when I need to be in a meeting (change in the torture heels). At home and in the backyard I am actually barefoot. I have 3 pairs of VFFs, one for walking about (old Bikalas), one for sprints (trail version) and 1 - for the gym (KSOs, iirc). Once the winter is here, it's hiking boots
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    Quote Originally Posted by Huarache Gal View Post
    I am barefoot at my desk and at home (inside and out). Other than that, I wear Xero shoes, Luna Sandals, and various Vivobarefoot models. It isn't barefoot, but its close enough for me.
    I'm pretty much the same, barefoot at home and home office where I work a lot (and using my treadmill desk) and around the home area and when out either in Lunas, Merrel trailgloves, or if needed to be a bit smarter a pair of Merrel barefoot black shoes....

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    At home I’m barefoot at all times. Except in the winter when I’m wearing slippers. Sorry but it’s just too damn cold in the winter where I live to be barefoot. Sometimes I’m even in thick heavy boots with thick heavy socks - in the winter. You try wearing Vibrams when the air temp is 30 degrees below zero (Fahrenheit). All bets are off when it gets that cold.

    I have a couple pairs of minimalist shoes and I have several pairs of “regular” shoes and sandals, some of them dress shoes for when I dress up. So I mix it up. When I workout / lift / sprint I am either barefoot or in my VFF’s. I never exercise while wearing regular shoes and don’t plan to anytime soon.

    While it may be “sacrilege” to wear normal shoes around here, I suffered a gash on the sole of my foot as a child that required stitches (not a pleasant experience!), and as an adult I’ve had plantar fasciitis in one of my heals, which happened while wearing VFF’s. So like I said….I mix it up.
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    I wear Merrell's pretty much all the time. If I'm out hunting in the cold I put heavier boots on, but that's about the only time that I can think of. I have 5 pairs of Merrell's, so pretty much a pair for just about every occasion.

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    Eh, I wear normal shoes most of the time. I have some Merrell pure gloves and I've always been barefoot when I'm in my house or my parents close family kick my shoes off at my desk etc....but not usually outside unless I just ran out to drop the trash or something.

    I do love vivobarefoots and they have some pseudo normal looking shoes it you want to check them out. Right now I'm wearing boots with a little heel.

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    Barefoot 24/7 for me!! Well, sort of. Due to commitments, I have to wear shoes about 1-2 hours a week. So I guess that makes it 22/7.

    Even since I started going barefoot, about 3 years ago, I have never once stepped on something sharp enough to do damage. Your best line of defence is your eyes -watch where your stepping- and once your soles toughen up you won't even notice most things. Glass becomes just a mild nuisance.


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