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    Coconut Milk Chili...first effort

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    Didn't turn out much like chili as others predicted, but it was incredibly good and something I will continue to make.

    1 can organic Thai coconut milk
    1 lb grass fed beef
    1 can low sodium chicken stock (used empty coconut milk can to measure)
    1 large bundle of red chard diced
    diced baby carrots (several large handfuls)
    1-2 Tbsp chili powder
    black pepper

    Just browned the beef and added it to the rest of the ingredients that were already simmering. Cooked with cover for about 30-40 minutes then removed to thicken the stew. Just used what I had in the kitchen and it turned out far better than I ever expected.

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    sounds good. I would increase the chilli spice untill my ears steamed.

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    Sounds good and know I know what to use my can of coconut milk for.

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