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Thread: Who did your parents teach you to hate? page 2

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    My parents didn't teach me to hate anyone either. That doesn't mean I'm not (extremely) opinionated, but the opinions are my own.
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    Luckily I don't respect my parents, so I didn't assimilate any of their bigotry.
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    My mom was born in the deep south in 1930, and left home at 16.
    She made it a point to keep any overt fears or hatred out of our home.

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    No one. Growing up with a small business and large extended family with thousands of people to interact with, I was never taught to hate anyone. Just the opposite; I learned how to get along with just about any rational person. My parents were too busy to be hateful towards any specific group of people.
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    They didn't teach me to hate anyone... But they sure do a lot of stereotyping.

    (They are pretty racist. I was going to write some anecdotes but I don't want to offend anyone...)

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    My dad, I've learned as I've gotten older, is very innocuously racist. It wasn't until I grew up, moved out, and got more perspective (met more people) that I realized how many awkward comments he has about other cultures. It was surprising to me. I just didn't expect that from him. I don't think it really rubbed off on me though, aside from having very little exposure to other races. That was just a result of our community.
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    My grandparents used to drop a lot of racist and anti-Semitic garbage into what had otherwise been perfectly nice conversations. Even a small child, however, I realized they were ignorant and lacked understanding. I think that was one of my first awakenings to the fact that adults didn't know everything.

    My parents, on the other hand, did a good job at reinforcing that idea that racism and anti-Semitism were wrong. My brother was a rubella baby, with some cognitive disabilities and developmental delays, so picking on anyone with any kind of disability was out of the question. I think he's a big part of the reason why I've always sided with the underdog.

    However--my father was a narcissist, and part of building himself up meant tearing others down. If I learned to hate anybody from him, it was myself. And I did take a lot of that self-blame and self-loathing out on other people before finally coming to grips with it and getting over it.

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    I was taught that Mormons were a cult and believed in secret magic underwear, and that at some point my best friend (who was a Mormon) would try to convert me. One day she asked me if I wanted to come to some church activity and my parents said see, told you so, and then I wasn't allowed to be her friend anymore.

    I was also taught that Catholics were misguided. Protestants, especially Lutherans and Methodists, were the only true religion.

    They didn't say anything about race. Only religion.
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    I was a Mormon, and I was taught that we were the only true church. We were above all other churches and had been selected directly by God and Jesus. Glad I questioned everything, and wish now I had questioned even more. I was never taught to hate anyone though, but believing your are better, chosen or above others is almost as bad.

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