Hi guys. I'm a brand new baby grok just starting the journey. In fact, this is my very first post and my very first day of primal. I wanted to know some of your favorite 15 minute-and-under recipes for any meal of the day. I have a couple of Mark's books but I've been reading the forums and I know some of you in here get super creative.

Breakfast for me this morning literally came from Mark's breakfast on the go post. 2 hardboiled eggs, small handful of nuts, and about a cup of berries with 2oz heavy cream. A little water with lime on the side and voila. It was surprisingly good too. I made sure it had about 600 cals because lunch is always a hassle to me so I'll IF through dinner and go with some tasty shrimp and cauliflower rice.

So post away! Just go easy on me. I'm still used to those ugly packaged foods and easing my way into some of the "exotic" things I've seen people post about lol. Thanks for the suggestions