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Thread: Question for the Metabolically broken???

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    Quote Originally Posted by kiwigal View Post
    I have BAD insulin resistance, estrogen dominance symptoms, am in Adrenal fatigue and dealing with infertility. I also need to lose at least 30 pounds that will not drop off and I am STUCK!
    You have multiple health issues that are the result of eating grains, excess sugars, processed foods, and crappy oils. It took years to develop those conditions, and while it probably won't take as long for your body to heal from them, it's still going to take time.

    A lot of people turn to paleo, primal, low carb, VLC, etc. to lose weight--and, yeah, okay, get healthier, too. But the two go hand in hand. As your body heals and your metabolism starts functioning normally, weight loss is part of that. I've lost weight, but it's been really slow compared to the results I see other people having. Sometimes, it stalls out for a while. I just keep eating right, and eventually I'll get to where I want to be. Jumping from diet to diet has never worked--consistency and patience has.

    In the past I have always been able to lose weight on VLC if I stay at around 20-30 grams of carbs and once I hit ketosis up the fat intake. However how do you make this a lifestyle??
    Short answer: you just do.

    I do VLC/keto simply because that's what I do best on. Every time I start adding more carbs back in, I start having food cravings again and go right off the rails. So I just stay at around 20-30g net carbs per day, and I'm fine. I also do IF because I'm never hungry during the day and it's nice not having to think about food every few hours.

    And yeah, that means I don't eat what everyone else is eating, or on the same schedule. It means I turn down food all the time. I know what I can eat, and that's what I eat, and I don't eat unless I'm hungry. End of story. Sometimes there is social pressure to eat, and I've had to learn how to resist it. At meetings, I'm often the only one in the room not eating the "treats" someone brought, or the sandwiches provided, and sometimes people comment. But I'm not there to eat, much less get their approval of my eating habits. My job is to take care of my body.

    ETA: Oh, and one other thing--on VLC, there is no need to wait until you get into ketosis to start eating more fat. Drop the carbs, boost the fat, moderate the protein all at once, and you'll get into ketosis even faster.
    Currently on the weekends I make Paleo apple pie, pancakes fun foods that make this a lifestyle. Does anyone have any websites that have fun foods that would help me stay in ketosis to lose this weight?? I want to enjoy fall and the holidays with my family. I'm not sure how to just eat meat, veggies and fat 24/7???
    I'm going to venture that "fun food" may be the reason you're not losing weight.

    Frankly, the idea of "fun food" bothers me. Food is fuel, and while it helps to enjoy what you eat, using food as a form of entertainment can really screw you over. And if you look at which foods you think are "fun," what do they have in common? They're carby and sweet (and thus probably knocking you out of ketosis). So I suspect they are less about actual "fun" than they are about carb cravings. Meat and veg are no fun because they don't give you the same high that carbs do.

    This is why I don't make things like paleo brownies or other "treat" foods. The ingredients may be high-quality and nutritious, but that doesn't mean the end result is good for me, and my particular metabolic needs. I'll eat a bit of dark chocolate now and again, but I used to binge on cookies, pies, and other carby things and the best way for me to deal with them is to avoid them completely. I can understand not wanting to give those things up, and seeking technically acceptable substitutes, but in the end they just had to go because they kept the cravings alive.
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    Heya Kiwi

    I am going to go in another direction please bear with me a mo. You have been doing this a while now I gather and still are messed up hormonally etc as you said. Have you been trying to VLC this whole time?

    I am going to suggest that you step back a sec and try to reset yourself instead of trying to hack your diet. As was mentioned before steady and patient is the key but maybe VLC is not? Being VLC can be a stressor and that may be why things have gone awry.

    I would suggest you stop worrying about weight for a while, we are heading into a hard time of the year for that anyways and it will be that much harder if you concentrate on the "fact" that you have to loose weight and you "have" to deny yourself all this yummy food. Your mindset plays a huge role in how your body feels and reacts and your mindset is stressing you badly.

    I would recommend you take a few months and redo a basic paleo diet, lowish but not vlc, meat and fat and loads of veggies at every meal. 3 squares a day no IFing no messing about no paleo treats but good basic plentiful foods to give your body a rest and a chance to realize that it is not being stressed anymore.

    I am also looking at the idea of including resistant starch to my diet, it may be something to think of for yourself.

    I am going to suggest you stop focusing on your weight but on your health. Walk everyday, lift heavy a few times a week and sprint as you can. Sleep well, play well and just let yourself get back to being primal.

    Remember or redefine your goals outside of your weight, What do you want out of life? Why do you want to be healthy? Forget the idea that I am fat so I am unhappy. What do you want to do with what you have that makes you happy? If you have a goal that is more important to you than the desire to eat this pie etc, you can focus on that goal rather than why it sucks so bad to not eat this pie.

    I would suggest you go read or listen to the guys at Everyday Paleo | Paleo Recipes and Lifestyle by Sarah Fragoso they have a great podcast and jason can explain all this much better than I can.

    Remember you are loved, are worthy of being loved as you are. Remember why you should be healthy and happy and run with it.
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    Thanks guys for all of your help!!!!

    Your right I have to let go of the treats!!!!

    I just restarted VLC so am hoping to get back into ketosis quickly!!!!

    I appreciate everyone's help!!!

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