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Thread: Female Sexual Dysfunction and Zinc?

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    Female Sexual Dysfunction and Zinc?

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    Hi! I am a 22 year old female and ever since elementary school I have been prescribed adderall and prozac. Four years ago I stopped taking the prozac when I went off to college because I felt like I did not need it. Everything was fine except for my sexual dysfunction from taking it continued. I have a strong desire to have sex and I do have sex often, and, forgive me for being graphic, I get really wet. The only thing is I feel virtually nothing down there during sex or masturbation. When my guy touches me, its feels the same as if he touched my arm. When I masturbate I feel the SLIGHTEST tingle. I researched a bit and I have come to the conclusion that this is a result of the prozac (the whole post ssri sexual dysfunction thing). I am not depressed but I REALLY want to fix the sexual dysfunction problem.

    I read on this forum somewhere (I can't find it anymore which is part of the reasons I had am posting this) that taking a zinc supplement might help. Has anyone had any experience which this? How much is a safe amount to take? Has anyone else had a problem found a solution?

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    if you come to NJ and bring your adderall I will hook you up.

    edit: for real- lemme get them addies
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    I have heard the same thing. though I advise you to consult with you physician first, zinc isn't safe to take in high doses it could cause issues.
    What you also can try (depending on how much you want to use chemicals) is a cream that makes you more sensitive. I know it exists and I know in Holland I has to come with prescription.

    I'm sure that if you browse the internet you'll find more home-made remedies that can help you.

    Anyway I would ask your doctor first about a solution without new medication. While it's not something that's a real medical issue it could cause you emotional pain and bring back the depressions... I shouldn't take it lightly...

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    Are you on any birth control?
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