I've always been a lurker here on the forum and I thought it was about time to add my experiences to the zeitgeist. Where to start...well first I just started a blog to track my progress, babble about my philosophy of fitness in general and force myself to start writing again...come see me at PoweredByLethargy.com if you're interested. I hope I can be of some help to someone in their own journey, I love seeing how other people are doing and how I compare so I hope I can offer the same inspiration to others.

Now, for the quick stats...as of today I'm 265.4 lbs on my 6'1" frame. That's down 5 lbs. from last week but I indulged way to much this weekend on all manner of processed carbs and desserts so I'm considering this Monday as my true start date. Not the worst I've been as you'll see from the pics below. I've been as high as 320 lbs. and as low as 205 in the last 3 years. According to my little Omron body fat monitor my body fat is 30.5%...not good at all. Anyway...here we go with the pics...

Here I am today-

Here I am in June of 2012-

And here I am at my largest at the beginning of 2011-