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Thread: What happens when you eat sugar in high fat meal?

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    Unhappy What happens when you eat sugar in high fat meal?

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    HI there everyone,
    I just went out to thai food with my Dad and had one of the best meals. It only occurred to us on the walk home that the coconut chicken curry was of course SWEET and containing sugar (lord knows how much.) I'm just starting out primal and it was a big deal for me to eat the coconut curry (not used to eating fat like this but I'm loving for the most part Of course in that moment of triumph I'm now concerned about the amount of sugar I ate If you end up eating too many carbs or sugar (I had no rice but lots of steamed broccoli) wont I pack on fat? help me I'm a newbie:-) I was counting calories the first few days but i realized that I felt full and was often under eating my daily amount so I stopped (and I just moved to LA 3 days ago and did not need the stress.) I think I'll start up again tomorrow and avoid going out for food for a bit.

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    I would generally try to avoid anything sweet, except perhaps fruit in moderation. Maybe there was some pineapple in the meal. Not ideal every day, but ok once in a while. Hey, you had a nice meal with your dad. Don't sweat it. In situations like this I allow myself the non primal meal and am then a bit more strict the next day. I'm sure you'll be fine.

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