than Simplefit. I'm on the fence about buying P90X. I just have the pull up/dip station. Don't have dumbbells and no yoga mat. I did find a guy selling P90X the whole thing for $40 in my local Internet ads. I do like the results you get from P90X when you are fully committed to it. But not sure how you guys feel about P90X overall.

I do want to obtain that beachbody look though. I know it's 90% of what you eat. I LOVE eating Primal. I have my diet squared away.

In case you are wondering I am 5'7" tall and weigh 185 pounds. With a BMI of 29.1. Yeah I want to go back to 150 pounds. i have that skinny fat look.

I don't have the funds every month or the time to go to the gym. Also I will be moving an apartment soon. It will be on the bottom floor :-)

Does anyone know of a good bodyweight workout program that is all your own body or has little equipment with it?

I have heard of Convict Conditioning and You are your own gym. I am a fitness fanatic. But the only one that I know of that have had good testimonials is P90X and Insanity. I do want to get stronger and have that beachbody at the same time. Is this possible? What do you recommend? Thank you for your time