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Thread: A gelatin that doesn't cause nausea?

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    Never had a problem. I don't think there's that great a difference between brands, unless you're buying a beef-specific one. Maybe Derpy knows more about the subject though. He eats like 40 packets a day or something.

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    You could try porcine instead of beef?

    Great Lakes Unflavored Gelatin, Porcine, 16-Ounce Can (Pack of 2): Grocery & Gourmet Food

    Not sure if you can get it in smaller amounts though, just to try.
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    Quote Originally Posted by secret agent girl View Post
    40 packets/day is a lot--I hope you're exaggerating!

    Yeah, I would like to try a smaller amount to test it out first.

    Maybe I'll give it another try with other recipes. It does have to be mixed with liquid and allowed to gel before eating, right? What are some of you-all's tastiest ways to take it?
    I just put it in hot liquids like coffee and stuff.

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    Tastiest ways to take gelatin:
    -mix into hot drinks.
    -thicken soups with it.
    -make sorbet with it
    -make chocolate pudding with it
    -mix into smoothie
    -mix with heated coconut milk & sugar & egg yolk, chill for custard-flan-thingy.
    -jellooooooooooooo. Not really that delicious but more of a fun food. Yes I still play with my food.

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    I've been making juice or cider jellos with it. I want to make cow jello when I make another batch of broth. Mine never seems to gel up. I don't think the bones have enough knuckley bits on them.
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