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    Question Why do you count?

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    I see a lot of people knowing exactly how much calories, proteins, fats, etc... they ate or going to eat during the day.
    Maybe I'm stupid or lazy not to count but I don't see the need of weighing everything and knowing the exact numbers. (Only my bloodwork is the one I want to know)...

    Why do so many people count everything? Does it help to loose weight or getting healthier?

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    I don't count either. It seems to me far too much work for what could only be approximate answers in any case. I mean to say, how many calories in an apple? That would depend on the size, variety, ripeness, how much skin you peeled off etc etc etc. There's no way I could be sure yesterday's apple had the same number as today's. Multiply that by every item you ingest and you're going crazy.

    Then they get started on the macros. Breakdown of where all those calories come from in terms of carbohydrates, protein or fat. No wonder people end up eating butter straight - it may not taste as good as using a little unmeasured dollop or leftover smear to fry some bits and pieces but at least you can calculate it as pure fat.

    On top of all that, it all has to be related to energy expenditure. Well that's going to vary even more widely depending on body composition, how far you walk, and how fast, as well as how many times you get up and down off the couch and so on, even the amount of exercise you did yesterday and on and on.

    I just cannot see how knowing this information is going to help me to lose weight or get healthier. All I want to know is that my food tastes great and I feel healthy because I'm digesting it comfortably, sleeping all night, fitting my clothes and have strength for my daily tasks and fun activities.

    But everyone's different, so good luck to those who take it so far, I glean lots of helpful hints from them without having to do all that work myself.

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    Some people do great and feel satisfied, and end up eating just the right amount of food when they eat this way. But many people either eat too much - or worse, too little - and then they stay fat or get very sick. For most, calorie counting is not necessary - but even lazy me found it enlightening in the beginning, when I found out what real food was. I still occasionally track my intake, just a day here and there for kicks.
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    I don't count, I prefer listening to my body instead of figures.
    But I did count carbs at first as I am (was ?) a carb addict with weight issues.
    But counting calories remind me off the silly diets I had been on in the past.

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    I count somedays to make sure I get enough food. I can go for a few weeks eating too little, without realizing it, and then go on huge binges (with non primal food too) that can last a week. I havn't been primal for very long, so I don't have much experience yet, but making sure that I eat more food every day seems to help. I could lose some weight, but it's more important for me to get enough nutrients and calories to support my body's general wellbeing (healing gut issues and depression/anxiety).

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    I feel a need to attach arbitrary numbers and abstracts to everything in life. This is a simple way to accomplish that.

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    Some do it to prove to themselves that they really can meet or exceed all the RDA's with this WOE. Some do it to hit certain macro or caloric goals. After a while though you just kinda "know" what you know. I know that if I eat 1lb of meat its about 80-100g of protein. I'm at a point where an estimate is more than fine for my purposes.

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    If you are not reaching your goals, counting helps identifying the problems. It helps making distinction between individual response to food and not doing things right.
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    I eat as I please, but I count for a few reasons. 1) Im a broke college student, so I like to know which foods are nutritionally dense vs cost efficient. This helps me maximize my dollars. 2) Im keeping a detailed record of many biological factors because Im trying to cure my psoriasis. 3) Now that ive spent time counting, I know good benchmarks for nutrients/cals. Now I can go food shopping and know, "If I get 2lbs of meat and a sweet potato, Ive met my daily needs." Counting now is basically just recording what foods I ate. I know the values of each now, so the cals/macros dont matter to me as much anymore.

    Counting has taught me a general sense of how nutritionally dense each food group is. I spend less money now.

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