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    Our family is internet/sceen free Monday-Friday. My kids are allowed NO internet access, TV, video games, iPods during the week, but can watch/surf/play a few hours during the weekend. When we started it more than 2 years ago, my husband and I also were internet free at home during the week (aside from a 1x/day e-mail check). But, I've backsliden (not sure that's even a word) and I am back on the internet during the day when the kids are at school. Such a waste of my time. I think I need to get back to original intent our our family rule...

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    Quote Originally Posted by RichMahogany View Post
    If you do cancel your internet, make sure to let us know how it goes...
    See what I did there?

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    A nice idea, but honestly in this day and age it's a difficult thing to do and I don't mean in just an entertainment capacity. We do all our bill-paying/investment/banking online, I run a business and am doing research and networking online frequently, plus with Facebook we have very long-distance relatives who can finally see us and our children on a daily basis as opposed to twice a year photos in the mail.

    Part of the draw of doing online banking/billing is to reduce the amount of trash we produce, wouldn't going back to paperwork create more of a problem that way? I know my house feels soooo much more clean and organized without stacks of bills and papers everywhere.

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    It is interesting to see this the same day as Mark's post on abundance vs scarcity. I would (and did) cancel cable TV before cancelling internet. The difference is between information being blasted at you and having access to information that you want when you want it. Even watching shows on something like netflix, you pick what you want to watch, ignore what you don't and don't have commercial adversitments blasted at you every 3-5 minutes.

    Internet, or even TV is not the enemy, squandering idle time is the enemy. Find something you want to do and do it. Use the internet to help you accomplish your goals, not to read nonsense celebrity and political "news" in the name of "staying informed." The internet can be the biggest time waster and mind killer around, or it can be the most powerful tool in existance to accomplish great things. How many of us would still be fat and sick shoving pizzas down our holes if it weren't for the internet?

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    I had the Internet at home for a few years, when my employer paid the bill and provided the computer. My dog hated it! He would bark at me to get off that thing and pay attention to him. It could be a huge time-suck, often unpredictably, taking away from time I should have used for cleaning or sleeping. That said, how to put a price on the new avenues and people you find on the Internet? After the financial crisis, the company cut back on expenses, so I am no longer connected outside my office. What keeps me from buying a computer and paying for a connection is the money, the waste of time, and the inevitable aggravation. I'm very low-tech, and if any little thing goes wrong, I'll have to find someone to fix it and pay him.

    We cut off the cable many years ago, and it was nothing but a good move. I do watch TV nightly, but it's 95 percent DVDs of classic sitcoms and Hollywood movies.

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    In theory the idea of not having the internet appeals to me because I'm somewhat of a Luddite but the truth is it's very helpful. I just discovered Coursera, free online university classes, I can't consider that a waste of time. And just this weekend Hubby and son made a longbow out of PVC, earlier this summer they made a blow gun thanks to youtube. When I'm stuck on a knitting project and don't understand the instructions I just watch a video (repeatedly) until I get it right. Maybe it depends on what you're doing on the internet.

    Oh and let's not forget MDA, I've learned sooooo much here.
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    I am online so much during the day while at work (hi!) so I don't do a lot on the computer anymore. If I'm at my computer at home, it's to upload/edit photos, play a game (which I do need a network connection for), or browse for recipes & projects. I wouldn't mind if we eliminated our TV package because we never use it, but it would be more expensive than to just keep it and never turn it on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by namelesswonder View Post
    I am online so much during the day while at work (hi!) so I don't do a lot on the computer anymore. If I'm at my computer at home, it's to upload/edit photos, play a game (which I do need a network connection for), or browse for recipes & projects. I wouldn't mind if we eliminated our TV package because we never use it, but it would be more expensive than to just keep it and never turn it on.
    Exactly- I have TV in my internet package because it is cheaper. The last time I actually wanted to watch the TV (I wanted to see a breaking news item) I hadn't watched it in so long that I couldn't figure out how to work the newfangled remote control thingee and gave up. And then I found the news item streaming on the internet anyway...
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    Yeah I agree with most everyone, I think it's how you use it. It's extremely convenient to look up information and do research on the internet. Not to mention finding work. Of course, you could do all this online away from home, but if you need information right then, it's amazing to be able to just look it up so easily. I think we take it for granted.

    On the other hand, it can definitely be a time-suck. I'm trying to cut back. I get off work at noon and am perpetually broke, so there's a lot of free time for me that I tend to waste online. I also hate that my bf (and not just him) cannot pay attention to me if phone is in hand. He's a great guy, don't get me wrong, but this seems to be a normal thing these days and it annoys the hell out of me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Misabi View Post
    Lol you had it right, i fixed it for ya when I quoted you

    Thought you might have got the movie reference... Oh well, back to my corner now :screwy:
    i thought i was finally losing my mind

    thanks a lot misabi
    yeah you are

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