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Thread: Advice request from NEW YORKERS Please!! five finger shopping

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    Question Advice request from NEW YORKERS Please!! five finger shopping

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    Hi All,

    I am heading to New York for just 4 days in October and really wanted to get myself a pair of five fingers while I am there. In the UK they are really expensive so was hoping to make at least a little saving.

    I have been on the official Vibram website and it has pages and pages of stockists in New York. With only 4 days I really do not have time to go to them all. Hopefuly just one maybe two shops.

    I would really like a pair of the Camel Leather ones for day wear. And then another pair for sports. Does anyone know of a place that does them at discount rates? Or that has good stock so I can get them quickly?

    Also while I am asking, any other Primal New York advice would be great where to eat or anything.

    Thanks All!

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    I can't help you but... five finger shopping is an euphemism for something else... ie, stealing. Hehe!

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    Lol...yeah, also known as 5 finger discount.

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    I'm not a New Yorker, but I do know that City Sports has three locations in NYC and carries VFFs.

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