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    Real mayo?

    SO. What's a brand of mayo that doesn't have seed oil in it? Would like to do the tuna and mayo thing more often, but I'm not great at making it.


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    I don't think there are any.

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    Mayonaise contains seed sunflower oil. If you want something which taste evn better, you can go for Aļoli, which is a mayonaise with olive oil and garlic. It tastes very good, but I don't know if you can buy it in the US.
    Anyway, it is really easy to make your own mayo with whaterver kind of oil. Got plenty recipe/videos on the internet.

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    It's like salad dressing, there are no good commercial brands. For tuna I use Kalona sour cream.

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    making mayo is in incredibly easy with a stick blender.

    1 egg + 110g oil(olive, avocado, macadamia, bacon fat, whatever)

    blend. Done.

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    An online friend of mine suggested substituting sour cream plus a little vinegar for things like tuna or chicken salad--supposedly it tastes a lot like mayo.

    I tried it with my chicken salad, but I didn't have much sour cream on hand and ended up substituting cream cheese for at least half of it, so the end result was nothing like mayo, obviously XD But it might be worth trying.
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    You can also just mash an avocado with a little salt and mix that with tuna instead of using mayo, or use pesto.

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    The wife has banned the phrase "primal mayonnaise" from the household.

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    OP, I hear you! I'd be willing to make something from scratch if it actually tasted like Hellmann's, but so far, I've found nothing. I would settle for a sad approximation pre-made if it didn't contain any suspicious oils or other suspect ingredients, but I haven't found that either. The tuna salad with sour cream, vinegar and maybe some mustard is acceptable, but it's not mayo. I guess there are some things you just have to wean yourself off of.
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    I'd suggest just learning to get better at making better at creating your own. Mark has wrote an article about condiments in the past. Alton Brown helps give some more science behind it with it's own episode. (Season 4, episode 10; The Egg Files IV: Mayo Clinic)

    I sincerely doubt you'll find a decent mayonnaise out in the store. Making your own is essentially the only option in this case.

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