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    La Caféine Sang

    I've been planning to make this log for a really long time now, but I'm a terrible procrastinator and one thing after another has prevented me – username being different to other sites, “not being the right day”, the stars not being in correct alignment, etc – but no more excuses: I'm finally making a log on here to keep a track of my workouts and nutrition.
    But first, a little about myself.

    My name, for all purpose on the internet, is Shadowknight. I could probably give my real name, because I don't really care who knows my name, but I don't think people around me would appreciate being identified. All other people I name in this log will go by false names. Or maybe they won't. I'll mix it up.
    I'm eighteen years old, 5'5 (166cm) tall, an avid video gamer, lifter, writer and am just generally awesome. I'm currently attending University to become a Primary Teacher because I love kids, the love me, and we share the same mental age (and sense of humour). I'm also working on a novel that unfortunately took a back seat last year, the first novel of "The Shadowknight Saga"; a modern fantasy/sorcery story with Supernatural attributes.

    What else can I say about me? Well, in late 2011, I was diagnosed with Coeliac sprue - gluten affects me very severely, to the point where traces can give me extreme vomiting sessions, headaches, and possible hospitalisations. I found Marks Daily Apple and the Primal Blueprint back in my early days of diagnosis, when I realised gluten-free sore bought foods were both expensive and tasted like arse, so I googled recipes and - hey - here I am.

    A little about my past; rather than type up a massive wall of text, I'll bulletpoint major points over the past years:
    • I was diagnosed with coeliac sprue, hated the GF products, thus removed them in place of more satiating, natural gluten-free foods (bacon and eggs instead of weet-bix and milk), almost halving my daily calorie intake without even knowing it. As a fairly active seventeen year old boy, my weight dropped like a rock.
    • I went on eating pretty poorly like this throughout the year, losing more and more weight, feeling more sluggish and tired but not knowing what was wrong. People could scream "Eat more!" to their heart's content, but it really did feel like I was eating a crapton. In reality, the batch of fried eggs, omelettes and steaks I was eating in total, over the day, probably worked out to be less than 2000 calories. No where near enough for a growing teenage boy.
    • I didn't really pay much attention to my food til much later on, there were too many things going on. Family drama (my Nan had a stroke about a month after my diagnosis, paralysing her left side, and all eyes from both myself and my family were on her), my girlfriend broke up with me because she found my inability to eat gluten made it impossible to date me, my high-school exams because this was my last year, my writing, etc. Long story short? I was stupid.
    • It really came to my attention something was wrong when, one time when watching a film with my parents, I found myself waking up on the floor. I'd passed out. I visited several doctors, and found I had a list of medical issues that I don't really want to discuss. The jist of it was that, at the rate I was going, I'd be dead in a year. I weighed in at 47kg (103lbs) and was just miserably ill.
    • After attempted help from doctors (mental care, meal plans, etc) I decided to ditch all that and take things upon myself. I delved deep into nutritional research - seriously, if there were exams on that, I'd do awesome - and got into a good strength training routine -squats, deads, bench, etc. My goal? 60kgs in a years time. This was September. All I had to do was lift heavy, eat a lot more, and do my best to fix myself. To never be as weak and sick as I was once.

    It's now a year later, and I have achieved my goal. Been a long and difficult ride, but I feel properly fixed: I'm heavier, stronger, no longer lacking energy and I'm fixed mentally, too, due to having amazing people around me.
    Course, I'm still an arsehole and am nastier than I should be, but some things never change.

    Where do I go from now? Well, I'm 5'5, 60kg (132lbs) and so am at the 22.0 "perfect BMI". Still pretty lean, too. What does this mean?

    My goals:
    • Increase all my lifts significantly.
    • Increase my weight to 65kg, maybe higher, depending on how things go.
    • Complete my first novel of The Shadowknight Saga
    • Graduate University as a Teacher

    I intend on logging as much as possible of this in here.
    Expect lifting updates, food p0rn, writing, video games and rambles.

    And a crapton of coffee.

    ***MACRO EDIT***

    Bulking calories:
    132g Protein
    60g Fat
    These are as minimums, can deviate by 10% if necessary.

    I'm a firm believer of hitting minimum macro and micro requirements then meeting the rest of your calories with whatever you like. I will enjoy ice cream, chocolate and other things, frequently, because I'm not perfect, nor am I orthorexic; there's already enough foods I can't eat.
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